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Settting up ''self-employed'' status in Poland

GoDfaTheR420 6 | 43
29 Dec 2009 #1
Can anyone direct me to website (English) that could give me information on how to become self-employed here in Poland. Im a British is it even possible?!?

Cheers guys

Happy New Year
Moonlighting 31 | 234
29 Dec 2009 #2

This is an official website. Full of useful economical facts about Poland. In the "Polish Law" section, you will find all the regulations for setting up a business, paying taxes, and of course immigration law.
TROST - | 2
7 Mar 2013 #3
Merged: Open you business in Poland for foreigner - official website?


A friend told me that I can start a business in Poland and get a visa by investing in a business, well I got a good starting capital and I need to know the procedures to start the business and how to get the visa, any help well be very appreciated and if you got any links to websites that well be very good, knowing that I'm not polish.

And can anyone please link the official website for immigration or something because all I find is about travel agencies and attorneys.

Thanks a lot.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
7 Mar 2013 #4
Official website of ministry of foreign affairs:
Check also Polish embassy website in your country.

I cannot find anything about this topic. I've heard that such Visa is possible for Czech Republic although.
TROST - | 2
7 Mar 2013 #5
Thanks a lot for your help :)
31 Jul 2013 #6
Hey, I saw ur post even i am looking to start up a business in Poland..Have you already started your business.
If you have got any additional info please let me know.
Asking ??
17 Jul 2016 #7
Merged: Registering as self employed

I have the forms for registering as self employed here in Poland. There is a section asking for my previous tax number in my former Country of residence ( EU ). Is this checked, as it is a Little Grey area for me ??
terri 1 | 1,663
17 Jul 2016 #8
They need your tax office number. This should be on your last payslip or on any correspondence. They will check with them. Better to tell the truth now than later.
16 Jul 2018 #9

How to move to Poland as a self employed IT person?

I work as a self employed programmer(mainly for foreign companies) and i want to move to Poland(krakow). I would like to know How is the typical procedure? Which type of visa do i need? Do i need to open a business first to be granted with a visa? What about taxes? Do i get taxed as a company or as personal income? Thanks in advance guys.

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