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Unemployed Wife - Maternity in Poland / Parental leave for Father

Elliot Kelly 4 | 3
25 Apr 2018 #1

Both my wife and I are foreigners and are expecting a baby. I am employed (under a "proper" employment contract), she is a stay-at-home mom, and neither employed or unemployed by formal definition.

I have Paternity Leave (2 weeks), however there is the additional possibility of taking Parental Leave - split between father and mother.

It seems like the father's right to Parental leave depends on the mother's eligibility for Maternity leave. Not sure if my wife is elegible: "Insured workers, including all employees and self-employed men and women covered by social security insurance at the start of leave." She is not a worker, but I am, isn't she covered in ZUS automatically - hence being elegible? Which options are there to help her be elegible?

I need some help to understand what type of leave I am entitled to. It seems like ultimately I cannot take any part of "Parental leave" as she is not elegible?

majkel - | 64
25 Apr 2018 #2
I believe you are only eligible for two weaks of paternity leave. The standard parental leave can only be split bewteen parents if both are working.
smancharkar - | 2
26 Sep 2018 #3
Hello Elliot,

Good day,
This is Shantanu from India.

I have received a job offer from Poland. This is a permanent contract job. Company is processing work permit.

Me and my wife are planning to move Warsaw. My wife will come with me on dependent visa.(we are in search for her job in warsaw) We are planning for pregnancy.

So in this case
1. if she is unemployed is she eligible for maternity allowance? If i Paid extra PLN for her insurance part

2. Company is providing ZUS insurance to me, so what is the benefit of this for her pregnancy?

3. If she get a job and company process a work permit ,then in such case when she will eligible for maternity leave and allowance?

Requesting you to kindly provide me information on this as earliest.
cms neuf - | 2,223
26 Sep 2018 #4
1 no
2 none
3 in theory then straight away. In reality then nobody is going to give her a job on a regular Polish ZUS eligible contract without her speaking or understanding Polish. I see more and more Indians employed in Warsaw but I doubt any of them on a full-time contract called Umowa Pracy

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