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Change the residential address in an on going application - Poland's temporary residence and work permit

rojocjohnson 2 | 1
9 Feb 2018 #1
Hello Members,
I am a non-EU Citizen.
I got a job and my employer applied for the temporary residence and work permit in the PoznaƄ Voivodeship as the Company located in that jurisdiction.

I was staying in Poznan but recently I moved to Wroclaw after the 3 months of document submission.
Now my status of visa processing reflecting as "evidentiary proceeding".
Moreover instead of contacting the PRO of company Voivodeship send letter to my Poznan address asking some clarification in documentation which I failed to acquire because I quit that apartment one month back.

My question :

1) Can I change the residential address in the on going application at Poznan Voivodeship for the communication purpose to my new address at Wroclaw
by presenting the Tenancy agreement even after 4 months of processing ?

2) If I do so, is there any chance that my case could move from Poznan to Wroclaw Voivodeship ?

3) Does it will affect the final verdict of Voivodeship?

Rojo Johnson
O WELL 1 | 156
9 Feb 2018 #2
Sorry but are you guys so naive, stupid or dumb that you will not go to your local poczta and ask for mail forwarding to new adress when you change residence???

And answer to your question,Yes you can change your mailing/residence adress.
Also YES you can move your case to a different voivodship,as per my knowledge you will have to start the whole procedure all over again.

And NO it will not affect the verdict but you will be scrutnized most likely.
OP rojocjohnson 2 | 1
15 Aug 2018 #3

Adding new Job Contract into ongoing file for Poland's karta pobytu

Hi Members,
My application for residence permit *** work permit is ongoing in the Voivodeship. My current company was not able to meet the requirement of Labor Market test. I found a new company that could meet the all the requirements. My question is whether it possible to submit the new job contract with all the necessary documents into the ongoing file. If so what are the standard procedure.


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