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I bought car in Poland, but I can't register it in Italy!!

Luk17 1 | -
22 Aug 2018 #1
Hello Friends,

I am Lukas from (Lithuania, Kaunas), but currently I am living in Italy (Venice). 2 weeks ago I bought sport car from Polish private seller in Krakow. I bought by google translate help because my Polish language is not good, seller English language also not good. When I bought car I get from seller owners book (Karta pojazdu), blue technical date passport and sales contract. Seems everything ok. I drive this car from Krakow to Venice and everything is ok. Today I take car to my local registration office to register it and registration office on website see that car is registered in Poland. Shows - "status rejestracji: zarejestrowany". Seller tell me he informed his local registration office and give them sales contract that car is sold in Italy. And he don't know why on this website write that car is registered still in Poland. Maybe you know what I need to do that car will be unregistered from Poland?

Thank You
30 Aug 2018 #2
Hello lukas,i am fortane gokay,i live in califonia USA now.I have similar issues when i was living in krawkow then i worked at the US embassy.I bought a car for my work but the car was register with the seller details.The seller went to the local registration office and give them sales contract ,i was always verifying online to check if the correction have been made.When i wanted to leave poland i had to ship my beautiful car and went back to the registration office and we had to go through another process.Time will not permit me to explain more but feel free to write me on Email:fortane.gokay@gmail:whatsapp:+12675278027.there is another way you can do it.
Alexbrz 3 | 78
30 Aug 2018 #3
The old owner needs to go to the town hall/registration office and register the car as exported.

Ideally you wouldve done that together when buying the car

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