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UK employer refusing to pay salary - working remotely from Poland

2 Aug 2018 #1

I have been remotely working from Warsaw for a UK company as a programmer for last 2 years on a B2B contract.
According to our contract the company must notify me 1 month in advance if they want to stop cooperation but on 24th july they gave me 1 week notice only and refusing to pay for August. and now even refusing to pay me the salary for July saying they have no funds to pay my salary.

Now i have no job and my salary is not paid too. what can i do in this situation? can i sue the company and how does it work coz lawyers in UK are charging very high prices per hour for consultation and i don't even know my options.

Can i sue them from Poland? is there any organization that can help me here?

Thank you very much guys for any advice!!
Atch 17 | 3,342
2 Aug 2018 #2
This might be helpful to you:

As you're not actually an employee but a 'business' in your own right you can't pursue them under employment laws but they are a business which owes you money so you can go after tham on that basis. I don't see why they would pay you for August though as presumably you're paid in arrears not in advance. Do you mean you think they should pay you a month's salary in lieu of notice?

The link below might also be helpful in informing you of your options within the EU. From what I've read there it seems that you should be able to sue in the UK which will certainly be less complex than going through the Polish legal system.

If you're still unsure what to do, I would suggest that you contact the appropriate UK authority and they will advise you.
inkrakow 1 | 98
4 Aug 2018 #3
Take them to the UK Small Claims Court - you can start off the process online, and often you don't need to appear in court.

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