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Cash loan in Poland without PESEL

jon357 71 | 20,328
13 Jun 2015 #31
Money talks

Yes, money talks, though all it ever said to me was "goodbye". :-)

Seriously, some banks are better than others at giving credit cards and overdraft facilities to foreigners. Most don't, however some (pre-credit crunch) certainly used to. A Karta Pobytu etc would be a minimum requirement. Even then, a lot depends on luck - a refusal is the most likely response.

I still think the OP should try in their home country - they are 99.9% more likely to be successful there.
Wulkan - | 3,243
13 Jun 2015 #32
karta debitowa

You mean karta debetowa?
Wroclaw Boy
13 Jun 2015 #33
Can you provide examples of societies where money (or wealth) does not talk?

I don't see why i should considering I'm the one who claims that we live in a society where money does indeed talk.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
14 Jun 2015 #34
a refusal is the most likely response

Negative jon. Why would a bank refuse business from a foreigner? Why do you believe that refusal is most likely?

Given that none of you has asked the right questions, i assume that none of you is capable of answering the OP's questions.
jon357 71 | 20,328
14 Jun 2015 #35
Why do you believe that refusal is most likely?

Risk analysis. And banking issues in PL can be very hit and miss - a lot of luck involved. I've had both good and bad luck over the years. Millennium used to give credit to foreigners. Many don't though.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
14 Jun 2015 #36
And banking issues in PL can be very hit and miss - a lot of luck involved

Again, negative. There is no playing about. If you have no bad credit history, your bank will be happy to give you an overdraft, loan, or credit card after three months of getting your salary paid into your account.

That's no different in Poland than it is in any other European country.
Braveheart16 18 | 287
18 Mar 2016 #37
Merged: Pesel number required to obtain personal loan for EU citizen

Today I went to my bank and made an enquiry for a personal loan. All relevant documents already translated, my passport, income, residence card etc were supplied and the manager was sure everything was fine. She confirmed the amount of loan which was possible with my income. She was very helpful but when it came to a 'pesel number' I did not have one as I understood some months ago that they have stopped issuing them (or don't issue them) to EU citizens. So I was able to open my bank account with my passport and other supporting documents.

However it came as quite a shock when the bank manager said that although everything else was fine I couldn't have a loan because I didn't have a 'pesel number'. I just found this amazing as my income is paid into my account...deductions made for PZU etc. It may be that this is just an internal bank rule but very strange that lack of a 'pesel number' prevents someone from getting a loan. I did try another bank where my wife has an account but as I would be financing the loan I would need to have had a bank account for 6 months...then the clerk informed me that it would the discretion of the director if I would be allowed a loan without a 'pesel number'......

Just thought I would post this to help anyone else in a similar situation.
porky pok 2 | 127
18 Mar 2016 #38
Should have befriended the director and invited him for a lunch or dinner and things would go smoothly as you wanted:)
Braveheart16 18 | 287
18 Mar 2016 #39
I really wouldn't have waited six months to meet up with the director in the hope of him or her approving my loan without having to use a pesel number...!
16 Jun 2016 #40
I have got the same issue as Braveheart16. I applied for credit card in Bank Millenium. All has been "pre-approved" during my visite in the branch. Then couple of days later, I have been told my document has been negatively verified. The Bank doesnt consider me as resident. I am working in Poland, paying taxes, having appartment... I am EU citizen.

Also, I dont have PESEL as they stop to issue it to EU citizens. I have only so called ZR Card - karta o zarejstrovaniu pobytu. Thats basically all. I have also registered my address in Poland. The bank didnt accepted it.

So looks like no chance to get any credit in Poland. I think the reason is the difference between long-term and short-term stay. I was able to register for short-term stay only as my rental contract is for 1 year. Maybe the onces with long-term stay are getting some other documents...?
eduardoii - | 1
7 Nov 2016 #41
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15 Aug 2017 #42
Dzień Dobry, I have a question, I have been in Poland for 10 months, have a good job, a bank account and PESEL. Will it be difficult for me to get a small loan from my bank for 9000zł? Need to buy a bigger car as the kid and the puppy are both get bigger and a Opel Corsa is just not enough lol :) any information will be great.

Dziękuje Bardzo!!!
16 Aug 2017 #43
Will it be difficult for me to get a small loan from my bank for 9000zł?

From memory banks want to see paperwork going back at least a year, so if you've only been here ten months, that might be tricky. You might want to speak to one of those companies that specialise in arranging loans for people.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
16 Aug 2017 #44
The last two times I've borrowed from my bank I have been made to pay insurance on the loan. The last policy, which finished this month, was about 40PLN/month. This was despite a long history with the bank, demonstrable steady income for seventeen years, and current account funds greater than the loan amount. I guess IIP90 will probably be offered the loan on the strength of his history, albeit brief, but with insurance.
Sparks11 - | 335
16 Aug 2017 #45
at mbank you can drop the insurance after 6 months. its just a way for them to make extra money. i think this game is wearing thin with borrowers so they are backing off a bit
Roger5 1 | 1,455
16 Aug 2017 #46
Yes, I recently complained to my 'personal advisor' at the bank, and he said that next time I need a loan he will do it without insurance.
25 Aug 2017 #47
Well I just wanted to make an update on my previous post, I went to my bank (ING) and (to my surprise) they gave me a loan of 9000zł. They told me that I can take a maximum of 36000zł but the 9 will do me just fine. Off to a buy a car now :)
Mary Johnson
24 Jul 2018 #48

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Mary Johnson
Alexbrz 3 | 78
25 Jul 2018 #49
For sure. Loancompanies with a Gmail address arent fishy at all

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