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National D type Visa application clarifications - employer address, arrival/departure date. Early visa?

ruban_rk 1 | 2
31 May 2017 #1
Hello All,
Iam from India. I've filled and submitted my National D Visa application for Polish Embassy Mumbai,India. And my scheduled visa interview is getting nearer.

1.In Employer's address field, I've mentioned my polish employer address instead of my current employer in India.

Can I able to edit it manually in printed document during visa interview?
Or Will it be a problem?

2.My Type A work permit tenure starts from 01/08/2017, but employer wants me to be there in Poland before couple of days for medical examination.
So I mentioned the date 26/07/2017 in The field "Intended arrival date in Poland" and 26/07/2018 I'm the field " Intended departure date from Poland.

Can I get a visa from 26/07/2017, where my tenure starts from 01/08/2017? Or any complications here.

Looking forward to get the clarification from the forum people. It would be very grateful

Thanks & Regards,
JMBinTX - | 2
8 Jun 2017 #2
With Visa applications it is best to be accurate, you may be able to change before your interview. Try contacting them through...
Keerthivasan - | 2
4 Jul 2017 #3

Why the Students visa slots in Mumbai consulate not opened yet? Admission in Wroclaw University

Is there anyone who have applied for 2017 intake...please ping me....I got my admission in wroclaw university n the course begins on Oct 2nd ..... why the students visa slots in Mumbai consulate is not opened yet?...any idea about when it will get opened?...please advise!!!
4 Nov 2017 #4

Need information on Poland's student national d type visa - any support from university?

I am Samuel I am waiting for visa solts from past 2months.
I was informed that university will help me in getting the visa solts is it true?
I also paid the tuition fee And I got extension till Nov 15th no solts are available I have no idea how to move forward.
Abhian 1 | 29
4 Nov 2017 #5
Where are you applying for visa? Email to consulate, they may provide you slots.
4 Nov 2017 #6
Thank you Abhian!!

I have to apply in Mumbai!!

I will drop an email to the emabasy.
14 Feb 2018 #7
I was having very hard time to get the visa slot. Also approached to some consultancy but they were all fake , then I got to know about one consultancy. She was very geniune and provided me the date I wanted. Guys, if you want the visa appointment date. Contact at this mail ID spam. They will definitely help you.
wppoland - | 5
22 Oct 2018 #8
Could you please share the ID of teh person who helped you in getting the appointment date?

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