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Temporary residence and work permit in Poland check

Blue lamp
12 Dec 2015 #1
I found this information (migrant info pl/temporary-residence-and-work-permit.html) that

IMPORTANT! Foreigners applying for a temporary residence permit due to work performed in Poland are not obliged to obtain a work permit in advance (what is a work permit? ->). In the case of a temporary residence and work permit, the issued residence card confirms the right of the foreigner to start work in Poland on behalf of a specific employer and pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the decision granting the permit.

Is it true? Because, my lawyer spent almost 2.5months to get a work permit only which is so decision. And he said he will start another process to get a residence card and consider it a work permit and residence permit(card) are something different and asking for an additional charge. So I am trying to get information that it is not something different and found out the article as above. But cannot find on any government site and have no idea if the article above is correct or not. Can anybody let me know a governmental website where I can find such information?

Thank you in advance
Sparks11 - | 335
12 Dec 2015 #2
And he said he will start another process to get a residence card and consider it a work permit and residence permit(card) are something different and asking for an additional charge

Youre lawyer is correct. Two different things. How youre charged is up to you. You might not like it but thats how it is.
OP Blue lamp
12 Dec 2015 #3
Thanks Sparks11

Then can I consider that the site I put a link to has incorrect information? And isn't it always said in Polish "Temporary residence and work permit"? not seperrately.Because I asked him for a work visa at the very beginning. Don't we think "visa" is something makes a foreigner stay in a territory legally? What I have got now is just a piece of paper called a " decision" I highly doubt it is a visa. that's why...

Plus, what I paid for at the Voivode office was 440Zloty which seems is a process for the temporary residence and work permit.
terri 1 | 1,664
12 Dec 2015 #4
You (or your representative) cannot apply for a WORK PERMIT. It is your employer who does that.
This is my understanding - if it is any different can someone let us know.
12 Dec 2015 #5
Your understanding is correct.
OP Blue lamp
12 Dec 2015 #6
The lawyer got a power of attorney from the employeer. So basically, my employeer did it.
terri 1 | 1,664
13 Dec 2015 #7
I don't seem to understand the original post, but to my way of thinking (correct me if I'm wrong).
Work permit and residence permit are TWO separate things and require two separate instigations by your lawyer.
OP Blue lamp
13 Dec 2015 #8
I understand it is kind of two processes. Then what is the ground of this article mentioned above from migrant info pl/temporary-residence-and-work-permit.html

Another question is that when I applied for work permit, I got a stamp. So can I get it one again when I apply for a residence card?
Ksenia17 - | 5
2 Feb 2016 #9
Dear Blue Lamp,

it seems like work permit was obtained to enable you getting visa and entering Poland for a longer term. Visa will expire (national visas are issued for a period of max. 365 days), while single permit (work and residence permit) is something which enables you to stay in Poland for a period of up to 3 years. Unfortunately, polish legislation doesn't provide foreigners a chance to obtain residence permit while back home. Neither there are provisions for long term national visas.

You don't get a stamp in your passport once you apply for work permit, but you do once you apply for single permit (work+residency). And yes - first you get a decision, and only afterwards - within up to 2 months - you get a card which enables crossing polish borders back and forth. Cost of the card is 50 PLN (as administrative fee).

So, if only you are planing to stay in Poland for a longer while, process was correct. Otherwise - chose optimal solutions for planning your stay in Poland and contact for assistance
Honeymoon55 6 | 28
21 Jun 2016 #10
Merged: Getting a Job in Poland as a foreigner. What kind of residence permit should i apply for ?

Hi Everyone!
So basically I just got a job in Warsaw and as a foreigner I will need to apply for residence permit. A friend of mine told me that I should get a 3 years residence card as a worker so is it true ? what kind of residence permit should I apply for and for how long it should last?

Waiting for your replies :)
jon357 71 | 20,213
21 Jun 2016 #11
as a foreigner

EU or non-EU?
razaaim - | 1
18 Jan 2017 #13

I have to apply for polish temporary stay card,Can anybody let me know that medical examination must required for getting polish temporary stay card?
Seeker01 - | 17
16 Aug 2018 #15
Hi All,

How much time it took for you to get the Work Permit?

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