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Second Poland's temporary residence permit via Marriage

10 Jan 2018 /  #1
Hello there,

It is my first post to this forum. I and my Polish wife are married already for 1,5 years. We used to study in Switzerland and after our marrige we moved to Warsaw in 2016 October. I am not EU citizen and I applied for residence permit in October 2016. In Jaunary 2017, I obtained my one year residence permit for Poland. But by this time we decided to travel and we left Warsaw in June 2017. Our flat is still on in Warsaw but we are still traveling and planning to be back home in 2019. Of course my one year of residence permit ends this month. Before we started to travel, we asked to immigration office if we need to declare that we will be traveling but they said there is no need. Right now we are in South East Asia and of course I can't apply to renew my residence permit since we are not reside in Poland anymore. But still we have several questions in our minds and unfortunately we are not able contact with immigration office.

What do you think, after our travel ends in 2019, how can I come back to Poland? I assume I need to apply schengen visa again and after I obtain visa, we can come back to warsaw and apply to renew my permit. Do you have any idea if there is any other way to apply for renewal for temporary residence permit during our trip? Or at the end of our travel, is it possible to travel to Europe with my Polish wife without visa?

She is trying to reach to immigration office to ask these questions but noone picks the call. So I think I want to reach at least some ideas by writing here.

Thanks in advance.
14 Jan 2018 /  #2
Probably the easiest would be to come back to Poland on a tourist visa and then start working with the bureaucrats ;) Maybe Poland will leave the EU by 2019 so the problem could then be of a different kind.
1 Jul 2018 /  #3

Poland - legal status during marriage

My fiance is Polish and I am non-Eu person. I am waiting for my work permit application and residency permit. If we want to get married, what is the process and how can I initiate it? I wish to stay legally here until my marriage is concluded. I hear small villages in Poland are more accommodating with marriage type applications. Any advice?
15 Aug 2018 /  #4

Temporary residence permit

I'm illegal immigrant in Poland and my Polish girlfriend she is already pregnant in 7 months we want to apply for temporary residence permit here in Poland

-can I apply for temporary residence permit after my woman get birth the baby and write it on my name ?

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