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Citizenship of baby born in Poland - Foreign Parents

Elliot Kelly 4 | 3
22 May 2016 #1

If a non-EU family living in Poland has a baby. Will he/she be entitled to the Polish citizenship automatically?

22 May 2016 #2
Otherwise flying over the country might imply citizenship, its not Harry Potter you know.
Marsupial - | 886
22 May 2016 #3
It's the parents nationality that coumtss not babies. The baby didnt bring you to a foreign land, the other way around. Obviously it would be easier to acquire citizenship there if you are supporting family by working successfully.
Levi 12 | 450
22 May 2016 #4
Interestinf thread. As a former International law student i can say what i know:

There are two regiments of citizenship granting:

One is Jus Sanguinus. The countries that adopt it, grant citizenship by blood. So one of the parents (or in some cases, both) need to be already nationals of this country.

The other is Jus Soli. This one you have citizenship by being born within the territory of the country.

Most European countries (and most of the world actually) adopt Jus Sanguinis. Including Poland.

The only place where Jus Soli is widely adopted is the American continent. (That is why brazilians and argentinians that reside abroad, for example, need to register their babies in the embassy, which is considered their national territory, of their countries just after birth, otherwise they may lose their rights).

So in your case, no. Poland will not give you citizenship for that.
Harry84 1 | 80
2 Dec 2017 #5
Hi All,

Based on above post it's cleared that, baby will not get polish citizenship if he/she born in Poland.
But is there any law which allow baby to get 10 years of temporary resident card ? if their Non-Eu parents have 3 years of temporary resident card.

DominicB - | 2,709
2 Dec 2017 #6
is there any law which allow baby to get 10 years of temporary resident card ?

No. The baby is allowed to stay in Poland only as long as the parents are. Not longer.
kingdom26 1 | 18
3 Dec 2017 #7
Just want to ask... if baby born in poland and father has Permanent residence in Poland and the mother temporary residence .. whats the faith of the baby and the mother
SigSauer 4 | 397
3 Dec 2017 #8

Did you not read the aforementioned posts? Poland does not have birthright citizenship, that the U.S. does is an egregious error of law, allowing foreigners to land in America and plop their babies out on our soil. We call these 'anchor babies.' Have some freakin dignity and go about acquiring citizenship through the proper channels.
kingdom26 1 | 18
3 Dec 2017 #9
I am not about polish citizenship, just want to know if the baby we get Permanent residence automatically ,,,.. since the father has polish permanent residence

SigSauer 4 | 397
3 Dec 2017 #10

Sounds like a question easily answered by an immigration lawyer. But your previous question said "whats the faith of the baby?" I imagine the faith of the baby is whatever religion the parents happen to be.
Sparks11 - | 335
3 Dec 2017 #11
I thought Harry84s was a joke, mocking the complicated citizenship/residency questions which often appear on here. If the mom is Israeli and has lived in Poland for one year under temporary residency but plans to get permanent residency and the Father lives in Germany but has Russian citizenship and really likes pierogies... :)
1 Aug 2018 #12
Hello. In the case foreign parents have a baby born in Poland. And after some years the father gets citizenship. Can the baby get automatically the citizenship leaving abroad ? Thanks for your advice
10 Aug 2018 #13
I m a swedish national and my wife is polish.Our child was born in poland and child have two nationality.
I just want to know if i can also apply for citizenship due to birth of my child in poland.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,075
10 Aug 2018 #14
apply for citizenship due to birth of my child in poland

Yep through the bloodline of your wfe, but why would your child need two EU passports?
5 Oct 2018 #15
Hi, me and my wife are indian, living on temporary residence card in Poland. Our baby was born in Poland last week. We know that the baby would remain Indian citizen (which is anyway what we want). My question is that if there are any advantages for the baby in future in Poland like medical/educational facilities etc.
5 Oct 2018 #16
I don't think that Polish law recognizes persons born on Polish territory by foreign parents as a special category (they are simply foreigners) and therefore there is no legal ground to extend some special benefits to them.
terri 1 | 1,664
5 Oct 2018 #17
A baby born to Indian citizens temporarily resident in Poland, in the eyes of the law does not have any claim to be a Polish citizen. If the baby ever wants to study in Poland he will be treated as an Indian citizen.

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