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Healthcare for foreign Students in Poland (permanent resident for a fixed period) - How to get the insurance?

tylermaximum 3 | 6
22 Aug 2014 #1
Hello everyone, again.

When I get to Poland and apply for a student visa (resident permanent for a fixed period), is there anywhere I can get insurance?

I'm an American (non EU) so is there anywhere I could get insurance before filing for the visa?

Monitor 14 | 1,820
23 Aug 2014 #2
Before you come to Poland you can pay for tourist health insurance in USA. When you become student you should get insured in Polish national heath insurer - NFZ.
OP tylermaximum 3 | 6
23 Aug 2014 #3
It says here: /id-13-condition-of-stable-income.html

That I need a stable income to get a visa (permanent resident for a fixed period) to study at a Polish school. I will have a bank account with over 20,000 Euro once I get to Poland. Should that be enough?
Buffy Mirza
24 Aug 2014 #4
You can buy pvt health insurance best plan from medicover for 5000pln a year that does cover almost every major medical need but not prescribed medicine which is cheap anyway.They also have own hospitals and coperate with damian indurance also.go to
Monitor 14 | 1,820
25 Aug 2014 #5
I wouldn't be worried about Visa. Most of applicants get it.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
25 Aug 2014 #6
but not prescribed medicine which is cheap anyway

I wonder if you live in Poland....Buying for example antibiotics at full price is very expensive.
mmmrth - | 1
5 Nov 2015 #7
Merged: Travelling Insurance for Poland visa interview?

Hi..I am from India..I got selected for PhD in lodz university, Poland and Ia m getting fellowship as well. So, I am in the process of arranging the document for visa interview. But, I need bit clarification about travel insurance..

So, please help me for travel insurance..where to get it? How to get it?
19 Oct 2018 #8

Very cheap student health insurance for foreign students in Poland vs Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia.

Hi there

I'm soon starting at Warsaw university. I'm a bit late. But before I arrived a friend of me from Finland recommended me to purchased the Swisscare health insurance policy which is the cheapest for only EUR 197 for a full year with no deductible. It was accepted by the Polish immigration office for the student visa. I share for those who look for a cheap insurance : spam

So far, so good. But my questions are :

1) Is this necessary if I'm from Serbia to take Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia ? Because I'm not from the European Union. The secretary opinion is that only European Union students must register in this public insurance due to their European insurance card. But she told me that due to poor service of this public insurance she recommend always to take private insurance like Swisscare which is the cheapest for students.

2) If I work as student for example in a bar, do I have also to go to this Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia and register ? I read something like this.

3) How much cost the Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia per month for students what is covered with this public insurance ?.

Thank you
19 Oct 2018 #9
Zdravo Damiane,

NFZ is just like public health insurance in Serbia (Republicki fond za zdravstveno osiguranje). It provides comprehensive medical care services, but it is of low standard (long waiting times, poor facilities, lack of competent staff). If you are employed in Poland (with umowa o prace or umowa zlecenia: NFZ contributions are deducted from your gross salary (9%) and you are automatically insured with NFZ, just like in Serbia. If you are not employed or you are working on umowa o dzieƂo (ugovor o delu), you can opt-in by paying the contributions (not sure how much it costs, though). Because of the poor standard of NFZ, many companies offer private health care (Luxmed, Medicover, Enel-Med) to their employees. I always use private care, I have never used NFZ. It can be useful for hospital treatment, because this is not covered by private insurance. Since your Swisscare insurance covers emergency treatment including hospital treatment, the benefit of joining NFZ for you would be to get non-emergency care i.e. if you have come chronic sickness or precondition. So, no, you don't have to join, but depending on your health it may not be a bad idea.
terri 1 | 1,664
20 Oct 2018 #10
I am not 100% sure and you MUST check on this, but I believe that any students working do not have to pay insurance to the NFZ. Check with someone who may know the latest rules.
Damina999 - | 1
20 Oct 2018 #11
But Dovia, if I good understand you, it is better to have both means NFZ and Swisscare ? or is Swisscare enough ? I read that it cost EUR 15 ./ month. I pay already 190 per year and I have to add round EUR 180 with NFZ just to have insurance if I have chronic sickness ? Precondition is if I am already with sickness. But If I am ok with my health an no problem ? then NFZ is not necessary ?

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