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Student Visa NON-EU Student (an entry-visa for a Nigerian citizen)

Seanus 15 | 19,706
2 May 2010 #61
Well, Poland is clamping down on bribery and corruption. Is Nigeria?
2 May 2010 #62
why dont poles come back to their paradise

Well, I came back and most of my friends, who left to work in the EU (of which Poland
is a member, as opposed to Nigeria) have already come back to Poland too.

So, when are you coming back to Nigeria?

The future looks bright for Poland, both economically and socially, because common sense
and healthy patriotism allows us to avoid the same mistakes that Western Europe made as
regards 3rd world immigrants.
grubas 12 | 1,390
2 May 2010 #63
Unfortunately not.There are some idiot Poles who want to "enrich" Poland with all kinds of 3rd world scum.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
2 May 2010 #64
Who has ever heard of a Polish-German-Nigerian? A Polish guy who speaks no Polish? Sth is amiss there. Sb who thinks Nigeria is rich ;) Don't you know that the West will abscond with your oil wealth? You don't have a ruthless leader to take everything from the people so we do it for you.

Poland doesn't need these workers as there are plenty of unemployed people as it stands. Also, they don't speak Polish so what's the point?
oziggy - | 2
22 Dec 2012 #65
Merged: I need information on Polish Study Visa Application (from Nigeria)

Hi everyone i have just gotten admission to study in Poland, please i need information on the polish study Visa requirement and the questions that is ask during interview at the Polish Embassy in Nigeria.

Any successful Applicant from Nigeria Should please comment.
Thanks in advance.
fantasygold - | 2
4 Jan 2013 #66
Which school did you apply and do they require you to pay application fee? Polish Embassy is easy... just be yourself and have all your documents original as legalized by them.
6 Feb 2013 #67
Hi every one here..i am from nigeria,h am tinking about going to poland to study,also i like to know how possible it will b for me to pursue my football career in poland.
Franck 44 - | 1
19 Aug 2017 #68
[moved from]
Has anyone ever applied for a student visa from the Polish embassy in Abuja, Nigeria?
Jayoka - | 1
20 Nov 2017 #69

Polish National Visa

Please I need a National Visa appointment date from the Polish Embassy in Nigeria.
Please is there a specific time these dates are available. I need a student appointment am in Nigeria can any one help.
diczen007 - | 1
31 Jul 2018 #70

Getting an appointment date for Visa interview in Nigeria

Hello everyone,
Please I've been having challenges getting an appointment date for visa interview, It keeps telling me lack of appointment date till 2018-09-20 I don't know what to do. Anyone with any advice on this.

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