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Polish Business Immigration and TRP/TRC

28 Jul 2015 #1
Hi, i am a Pakistani national who is running a successful IT business (Web Development and Smart Apps along with an in-house educational product) in Pakistan. I have studied Chartered Accountancy from London, UK but dropped out of it and came back in 2011. Was in UK for two years.

Now i want to broaden my horizon and try my luck in Europe. I have few nice European clients who have encouraged me to try come and target Europe from within the region. This is because there are better economic conditions in EU then in Pakistan. I am married to a Pakistani national and she has done masters in Marketing. Our Ielts score has been (Mine 8 band, Hers 7.5).

Now, i got approached by an individual who claims that he can help me setup a business base in Poland from mere 1000 Euros (as per him the capital required for company is 1200 Euros), He claims that i will be eligible for a TRC/TRP (i guess they are the same thing) after one year of residence in Poland. He says once you have TRC you can roam around EU freely and even UK is accessible, but i believe there must be some sort of business revenue threshold that i need to show before they decide to give me residence permit.

My questions are :

Is this route suitable for me? And are the said amounts correct to your expert knowledge?
How can i get TRC and will it help me to move to UK and then finally become a citizen somewhere in EU?

At last i just want proper legal channels, i have a clean good record with immigration and visas and i would like it to keep that way, so please let me know.

Polsyr 6 | 769
28 Jul 2015 #2
EUR 1200 (actually PLN 5000) is the minimum capital for LLC.

But merely opening a company here does not automatically entitle the owner to receive a residence permit, and certain revenue threshold has to be met plus other conditions that I am not entirely familiar with.

Having a residence permit in Poland allows you to travel within the Schengen zone for up to 90 days in a 180 day period. But the UK is NOT in the Schengen zone, and holding a residence permit in Poland does not automatically entitle the holder to receive a UK visa.
28 Jul 2015 #3
That I understand but how does this lead to citizenship in Poland ? Surviving two years or trc and 3 on permanent card allow you for citizenship? I know this that polish nationals can take up jobs in UK without any visa requirements

How can I get to know detailed requirements for this. My company generates about $80000 annually with 4 employees
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
28 Jul 2015 #4
Surviving two years or trc and 3 on permanent card allow you for citizenship?

No, you need 5 years of temporary residency plus 3 years of permanent residency.

It's more or less standardised across the EU, but one advantage of Poland is that residence permits can be granted on a very low level of income compared to Germany for instance.
1 Aug 2015 #5
I am unable to find exact information needed in order to compile my business case. However, I think 8 years would be a bit too much for PR , as I read it, you should have combined 5 years. I read about corporate tax which seems good enough too.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
1 Aug 2015 #6
5 years for permanent residency, 8 years for citizenship.

It's worth pointing out that permanent residency does not grant any rights of residency or otherwise in other EU countries. For instance, as a permanent resident, you are still obliged to apply for a visa to visit the UK. Let's say you spend 6 years in Poland. You obtain permanent residency after 5, then after 6, you decide to relocate to Germany. The clock effectively restarts from 0, and furthermore, you will lose your Polish permanent residency after a period of non-residency.
5 Aug 2015 #7
Hey thanks a lot for clarifying that to me. BY the way, on official site they say that business should at least have earned 12 times the avwrage onthly volodoiva salary. What's the exact figure for that ? And I'll be able to apply temporary visa only after showing a year of business.activities in.Poland ? That can't be right though, I must have understood it wrong
InPolska 11 | 1,821
5 Aug 2015 #8
@Bas: why in the word do you want to settle down in Poland? A country with a culture and a religion completely different from yours? Poland is a homogenous, catholic, closed society and therefore you won't feel comfortable and also won't be accepted by people. Poland happens to be one of the most racist and anti muslim (for most Poles Muslims are seen as (potential) terrorists) countries in Europe.

Yesterday's Gazeta Wyborcza published an international survey made in 41 countries and in terms of racism and xenophobia Poland cames 32. According to study, the most tolerant country is Sweden.

Why don't you go to UK instead where you'd feel more comfortable (a lot of Pakistanis live there, you speak English and the British societey is overall very tolerant).
10 Aug 2015 #9
@InPolska That is correct. To be honest with you, going UK is the final answer. I studied from UK and worked there for about two years before i came back. UK has now kinda banned entry of non-eu immigrants to settle permanently in UK. Thus Poland seems a good option for temporary purposes. I did not know that there was islamophobia to such an extent in Poland. :/ That's a first and it has actually made me think again about this now.
Wulkan - | 3,243
10 Aug 2015 #10
I did not know that there was islamophobia to such an extent in Poland

Nope, a lot of us don't pretend to be blind in Poland.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
10 Aug 2015 #11
@BasPK: just read Polish medias and listen to Poles talking....
18 Jun 2018 #12
I am Khurshid from Pakistan. I am married My dear i have an Italy visit visa but i am interested to join Poland Immigration My education is BS Computer science. and i have a 20+ years IT field experience. can you help me for TRC and other process for Company open. How much the TRC process time with all fees. Thanks
Habib Khan
1 Jul 2018 #13
I am Habib Khan business in Saudi Arabia

I would like Plastic stretch film Business I would business import and export, and One manufacturing Compnay

Please advise
7 Oct 2018 #14
i am living in hungary and have hungarian TRC .
i want to change it in poland. is it possible to change it in poland and what is the procedure

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