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Certificate of No Impediment Not Available for marriage in Poland

swap1990 1 | 5    
26 Sep 2016  #1

Dear All,

I hope you are well. To start with, I'm male from India and my Finacee is from Poland and we want to have wedding by the start of 2017. To get the wedding registered, we need to have:

1. No Impediment certificate
2. Assurance of the lack of impediments to marriage
3. Certification of your martial status
4. Birth certificate

I've got birth and martial status certificate with me. Can you please please guide me how to start with and who to approach for "No Impediment certificate". I know we don't get a certificate in India but can we get a letter that "Certificate of No Impediment" is not provided and for this letter, who should I approach? Does Poland Embassy in India provide me this letter? Or I need to obtain such letter from the court?

Your answer would be really really helpful to me and could save me time to ask wrong people. Wish you a great day ahead!

Harry 81 | 13,362    
26 Sep 2016  #2

The answers to your questions depend on where you plan to get married.
OP swap1990 1 | 5    
26 Sep 2016  #3

@ Harry, we are planning to get married in Poland.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
26 Sep 2016  #4

Then you need to contact the Indian consulate in Poland to ask them if they will issue such a letter. Some consulates will (for example the British one) and some won't (such as the American one). If they won't, you need to contact the family court in the city where you plan to get married so you can get an exemption from them for the need to present an letter of no impediment.
OP swap1990 1 | 5    
26 Sep 2016  #5

@ Harry
Thanks so much Harry :) so firstly,
I need to ask the Indian Embassy in Poland and if they tell they won't issue such an letter, can my fiancee contact the court in Poland for an exemption?

Also let's say if they provide the letter, then would I need to apostile it or they can send it directly to my fiancee's address?

Sorry to ask you a lot, but I'm only stuck in this document, rest everything is clear and ready to be sent. Thanks once again Harry
18 May 2017  #6

Hi swap1990 is there any update regarding your "Certificate of No Impediment". I am looking for similar document. Thanks.

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