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While working in Poland - How get permanent residence?

Elliot Kelly 4 | 3
20 May 2016 #1

If I have a stable job and life in Poland. How can I get a permanent residence visa? I have wife and 2 children. We are all non-EU citizens.

Thank you.
mafketis 35 | 12,588
20 May 2016 #2
Slow down, you need to go through a period of temporary residence first. You'll need to spend a few years legally residing in Poland before you can apply for permanent residence.

Nothing that people here say should be trusted too much. You'll need to contact these fine folks.

Also, I'm not entirely clear about the current regulations but non-EU residents usually have to demonstrate working knowledge of Polish (ie being able to deal with loca bureaucracy without an interpreter).
pablomian - | 1
29 Jul 2016 #3
Merged: Permanent resident permit : How I can get as non-EU citizens after 5 years of staying?

Hello, folks!
I'm from South Korea and would like to establish small business entity as LLC in Poland. (business area would be Hospitality such as B&B, Guesthouse) And my wish is to live, work and stay long until I can get "Permanent resident permit" in Poland.

In order for this, I heard that I have to
1)establish LLC 2)Apply for temporary residence permit (2-year?) 3)Prolongation after valid period 4)After 5years of stable/legal staying, may apply Permanent residence permit.

Am I correctly understanding the procedure?

And most critical point which I concern is that I heard I need to hire at least 2 EU citizens in order to get prolongation of resident permit.

Is it really true?.. Because with small hospitality business as I'm planning, that will be really hard condition (hiring 2 people).
Could you please advise me and check how/what I should do ?
Thank you so much for your comments in advance !!
Harry84 1 | 80
31 Jul 2016 #4
establish LLC

Hi pablomian,

I would suggest you to contact any Polish Lawyer about the LLC.
they will guide you better way on your requirement.

22 Oct 2016 #5
[moved from]

How to become a permanent residenthe of Poland.
Thani - | 1
29 Oct 2018 #6

Permanent residence

Hello groupies,

I would like to know about Permanent Residence in poland. I was holding student visa for 3 years in poland, i was working nearly 1 year in a restaurant for a part time and i paid student tax amount to the government,

now i got the work permit from my company and am paying half tax to the government(coz of part time work my owner said they gonna pay half tax for me ) if i pay 2 year more tax and if i can apply for permanent residency?

Waiting for good answers for this question. 😀

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