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Poland's National Visa (student) - how easy is it to get rejected?
Pakistani married to Polish Girl in Sweden  2
40 - Hahah. Not a very fair trade if you ask me...

Lawluckykhan - 11 Apr 2012 nothanks - 13 Feb 2017
Register a vehicle in Poland without paying duties
The official Web pages are confusing in telling me exactly how many years I need to obtain Polish citizenship.
Visa interview next month and I was rejected before; Accepted at the Jagiellonian university
13 - No one knows. You have to apply and wait. Prepare to be disappointed....

LawM0744 - 13 May 2013 Marsupial - 31 Jan 2017
Freelancer taxes in Poland
Obtaining PESEL, ID Card and Passport in Poland  2
New Car Prices For Foreigners (tax free?) in Poland
Withdrawing study residence permit (Karta Pobytu) in Poland
Polish Will and how they stand in England.
3 - Im currently under the same situation. Do u know if this stands?...

Lawhelpmepls - 12 Jan 2017 Kelly1012## - 12 Jan 2017
Best way to avoid tax when shopping online outside EU into Poland?
4 - @miasto1 I see it just like the law sees it....

Lawmiasto1 - 12 Jan 2017 NoToForeigners - 12 Jan 2017
Getting Polish passport for a Polish citizen after approval in UK. What documents need to be filled?
Moving to Poland and start a business
16 - And then a 5 year wait it seems. Thanks....

LawRyanJenkins - 25 Mar 2013 yoyop - 7 Jan 2017
I was fined for not having a tram ticket in Poland. How does this affect me?  2  3
Polish landlady hiding and lying about when she would pay back the kaucja/deposit
8 - So she will never pay back your deposit?...

LawGoodGuy11 - 18 Dec 2016 HappyYou - 3 Jan 2017
What People think about Indian kolonialne meble & handicraft?
Bank Gold or Silver account in Poland
How long can one stay out of Poland for them to cancel your permanent card of 10 years
Renewing work permits to get long term EU card? ad posting criteria?
10 - hahahah.......

LawNightglade - 6 Jul 2011 sawii - 22 Dec 2016
How does Health Care in Poland work?
Polish Visa for an American that has been working under a work visa in Hungary
Advice on starting an international/British school in Warsaw, Poland
26 - Gosc123456 In the US, both private and public schools demand students pay for their books....

LawMark_the_teache - 29 Apr 2015 losangelino - 13 Dec 2016
× I am staying illegal but married with Polish. I want to apply for Temporary residence card
5 - Maybe she left you because you don't know how to use paragraphs....

LawHarimohan - 10 Dec 2016 PolskaKurwa - 12 Dec 2016
Are foreigners allowed to open a company in Poland ?
PESEL urgently need - Current order of applications?
Need advice and help for obtaining a PESEL
Permanent residency for my Chinese wife (I'm Polish)
Help regarding Polish spouse visa issue for student of Erasmus Mundus Phd program in Poland
EU citizen residency certificate to live in Poland  2
Is receiving some money as a gift taxed in Poland?
4 - then up to 4092 zł in 5 years...

LawLS21320 - 3 Dec 2016 peter_olsztyn - 3 Dec 2016
If you were a non-European citizen, and you wanted to start a one person company in Poland?
Major Issue with Poland's Residence Card! I have Polish wife, but no job, passport, I'm seeking for asylum.
Polish wife wants me to sign a prenup
I am half Polish person who would like to have Polish passport. My grandfather's family lived in Warsaw.
Getting Divorced with a Polish National
Buying a custom/private Polish number/registration plate in Poland
Foreigners giving birth in Poland - documents needed
Turkish citizen. Civil marriage in Poland - Urgent
How to find a Poland-located company's registered address?
Does Karta Pobytu allow me to stay in Poland for 2 years and work in any job?
Bank account - can I can online, without being in Poland?
How much will the total investment of opening new craft beer pub be in Poland?
What additional documents are needed for my Polish nationality confirmation?
Pros and cons of giving birth in poland compared to India
Registering Foreign Car In Poland
What is needed for health care in Poland.
Tax deduction in Poland - joint settlement with spouse
Non-EU international driving licence - driving in Poland and Europe, renting a car
Dependant Visa for Non EU national parents of an EU National living in Poland
Bank Account in Poland without residency or banks in the UK who will allow to have a PLN account
Customs clearance for a cell phone from China to enter Poland
Polish citizenship for de-facto relationships
Possible to convert to Turkish driver's license to Polish driver's license?
ING charges you about 2.5% from each deposit or transfer received to your own bank account. How usual is this?
Buying a motorcycle from Poland, what should I look for?
EU citizen - exceeded 3 months in Poland
Polish citizenship for my kids - 'living in Poland may be a must for the citizenship'
6 - Merged: Citizenship for my kids born outside the EU - I am Polish citizen I am a...

LawJohn Silver - 1 Sep 2016 johnsilver - 20 Oct 2016
Required Documents for Buying a Used Car in Poland
17 - Hi Student Poland, Did you manage to buy a car afterall?...

LawRichiedelaHoya - 30 Aug 2012 Hunor - 20 Oct 2016
Can I sell in an exhibition in Poland without a cashier machine?

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