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Poland says My MARRIAGE is NOT VALID

pankaj3009 1 | -
2 Dec 2017 #1
Hi All,

Me and my wife is in very bad situation. I am Indian and my wife is Polish. We got married in Dubai in an Indian Consulate. Currently living in the U.K. We've been trying to register the marriage in the Polish books and change my wife's Surname but we have come across two very tall hurdles.

1. Tried to put the marriage in Polish books via Polish Embassy in London, they refused it saying we have taken an extra stamp (didn't make any sense at all - looked like they didn't wanted to help at all). Told us to go to the local registry office - USC in Torun (Birth place of my wife).

2. Flew all the way to Poland to register only to be disappointed and more frustrated. The USC went a step further saying our marriage is Invalid as Polish citizens can only marry in Polish Consulates abroad.

Back in 2016 when we were researching about how to get married, we asked Polish Embassy if we can get Married they said NO, ONLY POLISH CITIZENS CAN MARRY IN POLISH EMBASSY/CONSULATES. We checked with Indian Consulate and they were OK with us getting married and hence we got married in Indian Consulates.

USC in Torun said that the No Impediment certificate which Polish Embassy in Abu Dhabi provided shouldn't have been provided as only USC can provide one. We got charged heftily for No Impediment certificate in Abu Dhabi.

They are not accepting our Marriage certificate provided by Indian Consulate in Dubai.

So in short, they say Polish Citizen can only marry in Polish consulate and Polish consulate only allows marriage of their citizen, so where does an Indian and a Polish marry.

We've been given lot of wrong information from Polish Officials in UAE and in Poland, people we came across have been extremely unhelpful and we are stuck and don't know what to do. Extremely Frustrated.

Any advice/help/suggestion will be appreciated.


DominicB - | 2,709
2 Dec 2017 #2

The only person who can answer your questions is your attorney. It's a total waste of time asking anyone else's opinion or advice.
4 Dec 2017 #3
Well, your case looks very complex. If u want legal advice, i can provide u my services - just leave a message via email

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