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Where to go in Warsaw to register your residency?

vndunne 43 | 279
30 Nov 2010 #1
Hi. Can anyone tell me where to go in order to register your residency? I have the residency card but i am registered in Wroclaw. Want to move it up to Warsaw as i am now living here. Based in the Zoliborz area so not sure if that will have an affect on things.

Thanks for any assistance.
Richfilth 6 | 415
30 Nov 2010 #2
Are you talking about Meldunek? If so, you have to go with the owner of the property, and a copy of the rental agreement or some other statement, to the Urzad Dzielnicy Zoliborz, which is at Slowackiego 6/8.

If you're talking about Foreigner's Registration in Polish Territory and you want a karta pobytu, that's the Wydzial Spraw Cudzociemcow at Dluga 5, in the Old Town, but you need to have Meldunek (and a load of other papers) to get to that stage.
OP vndunne 43 | 279
2 Dec 2010 #3
Thanks for the information. I am talking about the Karta Pobytu. I have it already in Wroclaw but am now living in warsaw. I own where i live so i just assume i bring along the purchase contract. Thanks for the address.

2 Dec 2010 #4
You mean you want to change the address on your karta pobytu? I'm not sure if they do that. If they do, you're going to need a maldunek first anyway, so you might as well do that first.
Honeymoon55 6 | 28
9 Jan 2018 #5

Can I apply for karta pobytu in Mazowiecki Provincial office in Plac Bankowy?

I'd like to know the difference between applying for the residence card in Mazowiecki Urzad Wojewodzki (Marszałkowska 3/5) and in Mazowiecki Provincial office (Plac Bankowy 3/5) ? I know that the immigration office is only in Marszałkowska but how come could some people submit their documents from Plac bankowy? is it legal ?
DominicB - | 2,709
11 Jan 2018 #6
Mazowiecki Provincial office (Plac Bankowy 3/5)

Yes, it's legal, but the process would take a little longer, especially if the application is not absolutely perfect. Any paperwork submitted at Plac Bankowy has to be sent to Marszałkowska. So it would be quicker to submit it at Marszałkowska. The decision would be exactly the same, as it is the same office that is making the decision. Also, if you have any questions besides the simplest ones, the staff at Plac Bankowy are not able to answer them, but will refer you to Marszałkowska. Basically all they do at Plac Bankowy is take you application and send it on to Marszałkowska. They do not take part in the actual decision process.
Honeymoon55 6 | 28
11 Jan 2018 #7
Thank you very much ! I was indeed trying to have an appointment at Marszałkowska but it seems that I'll have to wait around 1 month to reserve an appointment for myself that's why I thought about submitting my documents in Plac bankowy.

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