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Residency decision letter vs residency card and Poland Visa D

10 Mar 2010 /  #1
I am here on a Visa D. However, my family had to go through the temporary residency process. They were given their official decision letters back in December (residency ends in June). However, we never got the plastic ID cards at that time (but we DO have the official letters). We have never really needed either in our daily lives.

Now it is time for them to return to the States. Will they need a residency plastic cards to LEAVE Poland (Warsaw to Chicago flight)- OR can the official decision letter work in its place as they try to leave Poland? (they have US passports).
10 Mar 2010 /  #2
I had that happen once a year ago and it was a non issue. They looked at my passport and stamped me out even though the passport didn't have any current stamp in it. I had the letter ready had they challenged my status. My thought was that the decision letter stated to what date I was legal in Poland and was on official letter head so while they may argue a bit it IS an official statement of your status.

It really just depends on the guard you get...but in the worst imaginable case I am sure the letter would get you out.
18 Mar 2010 /  #3
Usually you are noticed by mail that the permit is issued and ready. You must come and pick it up. Issuing shouldn't take more than 4 weeks. The decission takes up to 8 weeks.
6 Aug 2014 /  #4
Hi everyone,

I'm really worried, please help me out. I've a Pakistani Passport, I moved to Warsaw in August 2009 on 1 year work visa. Then I renewed my work contract for another year so got visa for another 1 year. I applied for Karta Pobytu, got it for 1 year, second time I got it for 2 years. In this way, my 2nd Karta Pobytu was valid till mid June 2014 and I needed 2 months to complete the span of 5 years to get Permanent resident card. I've NIP number and tax papers as well.

Is there a possibility that I can apply for Permanent resident card on the basis of 3 years residence in Poland?. Actually I met a Polish lawyer and he told me about this. Is it true or not? Can someone please help me out? :-((((
6 Aug 2014 /  #5
Is there a possibility that I can apply for Permanent resident card on the basis of 3 years residence in Poland?

The info at the ministry's website says you can't:,permit,for,a,long-term,EC,resident,273.html
6 Aug 2014 /  #6
Similar information you have here:

From my knowledge 3 years is Possible, provided you're married to Polish citizen.

I needed 2 months to complete the span of 5 years to get Permanent resident card.

Read the paper in my link, because 5 years is not the only requirement. You must also have a job when applying:

The permit (Zezwolenie na pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego WE) is granted to a foreigner, who, immediately prior to filing of the application, has been staying in Poland for at least 5 years continuously and legally and who has:

- a stable and regular source of income sufficient to cover the costs of maintenance for him-/herself and family members, who are dependant upon him/ her;
- health insurance as defined in the legal provisions on general health insurance or confirmation of coverage by the insurer of costs of treatment within the territory of Poland..

So you have no choice, but become employed.
24 May 2017 /  #7
Hello, I am from the Philippines, I live in Poland since 2009, I am holding a yearly visa- (karta pobytu).. I was applying for long term residency visa (rezydent długoterminowo) as I am sure that I have passed all the consequences and rules, with the minimum of 5yrs of staying (without leaving the country) here. I've got my stable job, insurance and I have the title on my visa as a worker.

The problem is, the officer in the provincial's office has refused to accept my application, I have completed all the requirements and paid the application fee (640zł), the reason of the officer why she didn't accept my application is - I didn't reach the minimum amount of the compensation for the foreigners in PL last year. She has asked me about my total earnings with the past 3 years. Is it possible that this officer has right to tell me that I cannot apply for the long term visa because of my salary? How come, will I get the yearly visas if I didn't reach the minimum basis? Is there any possibilities to appeal for that reason? My concern here is that I stayed here for more than 5 years without leaving in this country in legal ways.. Do I have right to fight for it?

Thank you in advance...
16 Oct 2017 /  #9
Hi, I am already in Poland on one year work visa please advice me when I can apply for my residencesy card and if I will change my work in future would that be any issue just in case? And for how long the card will allow me to reside in poland?


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