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No availability to apply for Poland's National Visa. Indian national married to Polish.

Adzomp 1 | -
2 Aug 2015 #1

I am an Indian national married to Polish since 2012. We are travelling to Poland for 6 months (sept - march) as my wife is pregnant and we decided to give birth to the baby in Poland where she can be around her family and loved ones.

We booked out tickets for September 1st to Poland and got the invitation from her family just now.

So, I went to the Mumbai Polish consulate website to apply for the national visa & to my surprise it gives an error that there are no dates available till aug31 to apply! I immediately rushed to the Delhi consulate page which says there are no dates till September 29!!

This suddenly got us into a tense situation as we have made all the arrangement.

I quickly applied for Schenghen visa for 90 days and started my crazy google search in Polish! Came across a Polish official document saying that I can apply for "zezwolenie na pobyt czasowy" ( temporarily residency permit) while in Poland, pay a fee of 340 zl which basically can extend my stay for 6 months.

I would like to know if someone on this forum has gone through this procedure and if there is something I can do to get national visa instead of Schenghen visa when I go for the interview?
Polsyr 6 | 769
2 Aug 2015 #2
In some missions the waiting time for an appointment occasionally exceeds 3 months (for example Abu Dhabi).

No, you cannot change the type of visa agreed in the appointment schedule. They are very strict about that. Don't even open this subject with them :)

If your marriage is registered in Poland and you have a Polish marriage certificate then you do not need an invitation to apply for the visa, and your application would be free of charge. If your marriage is not yet registered in Poland, then you should register it as soon as possible.

Don't worry about the procedure for the temporary residence permit. Once you arrive in Poland, call and make an appointment, and while you wait for that, prepare the needed documents (I won't go into the documents right now - many websites with that info in English and many more in Polish). After applying and while waiting for decision on your application and subsequently for your residence card, your stay in Poland is considered legal.

You can apply for 6 months for now (you may apply up to 3 years, but don't ask for longer than what you intend to use, because that can cause problems if you apply again in the future). Remember you can always apply for an extension if necessary.
Shhhubham - | 2
8 Dec 2015 #3
Merged: I am Indian got married to a Polish Girl. Can I live and work in Poland being her husband.

Hi all.

I got married to a polish girl recently in India. Now i will send her the marriage certificate and she will get the marriage registered in Poland which is confirmed can be done easily. Now after being her legal husband in Poland. Can I apply a visa to poland and work there as well. Also what Visa should I apply to get the permision to enter the Poland easily. Please help.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
8 Dec 2015 #4
There is no salaries for spouses of Polish nationals.
Polsyr 6 | 769
8 Dec 2015 #5
Can I apply a visa to poland

Subject has been discussed here before so search existing threads.

In short, yes you can apply for Schengen visa type D, tourist visa, multiple entry, 2 years validity, free of cost, once your marriage has been registered in Poland and Polish marriage certificate has been issued. This visa does NOT entitle you to work (regardless of paid or unpaid work).

Once you arrive in Poland, you need to apply for a temporary residence permit on the basis of being the spouse of a Polish citizen. That particular type of residence permit (once issued) allows you to work in Poland without getting an additional, separate work permit.
8 Dec 2015 #6
There is no salaries for spouses of Polish nationals.

There are salaries for spouses of Polish Nationals,
only the non EU spouses need work permit.
Polsyr 6 | 769
9 Dec 2015 #7
non EU spouses need work permit.

They don't need them if they have residence permits of spouses of Polish citizens.
Shhhubham - | 2
9 Dec 2015 #8
Hi All,

Thanks for the positive response everyone. I just need to know that what visa should I apply and what are the requirements to apply this Visa. I need the best way of Visa which can be processed easily and have less requirements. Requirements I mean my salary will be seen? If yes the how much it should be atleast well Ive heard that if my wife sends me invitation then they wont ask for my salary. And other things like that. Please confirm abit details if anyone knows. Thanks :)
1 Sep 2017 #9
I am a student visa applicant to Polish university. I have already got the offer letter, have transfered the tution fee, got my original admission paper and all documents and the classes are about to begin on 1st October 2017 but unfortunately I can not get any dates for appointment in the Polish consulate Mumbai for submitting my application. They says all the dates till 30th October is full!!! Can anyone help me or advice me what I can do in this situation?
DominicB - | 2,709
1 Sep 2017 #10

There's nothing you can do except wait until a slot opens up and book it as soon as it does. Whatever you do, never give any money to any "agents" or "consultants" who say they can help you get an earlier slot, or anyone who claims they know somebody at the consulate. They are scam artists and will only steal your money.
1 Sep 2017 #11
I am into the same problem right now,text me so we can discuss something ,my.number is +919698462044
28 Sep 2017 #12
I am also in the same situation now, my number is +91-7736135TWOFIVE
@Kavinesh Any updates? I will text you.
kareem007 - | 1
28 Sep 2017 #13
I am also in the same situation now, my number is +918919384031
@Kavinesh @akhil Any updates? I will text you.
5 Oct 2017 #14
@danialkerala @Kavinesh

I am also facing the same problem. Did you people get the appointment?

4 Nov 2017 #15
I am facing same issue any updates ???
26 Nov 2017 #16
Hi !!

Is there any specific day and time on which appointment for National visa for Students can be made at Polish Consulate-General of Mumbai in India.

I am waiting and trying to book an appointment since a month and could not figure out on which day and time the slots open.
8 Dec 2017 #17
I also faced same problem. If the appointment dates are not available then write an email to Consul General ( and request appointment date for student visa. I got appointment for student visa requesting through email only. I submitted my application on 6th December.
Himani bhatt
21 Dec 2017 #18
Do you help me ?I already text them on their mail but they told me that we have to check it regularly.They can not help individualy.How you got visa?And what is the time of slot like at what time they opened?
terri 1 | 1,664
21 Dec 2017 #19
Cam someone explain to me, how anyone on this Polish Forum can in any way speed up the officials in the Embassies. If they told you to wait, then that is what you do. There is absolutely nothing that anyone from this forum can do to speed things up. Things take as long as they take.

All details of opening hours, appointments are on their websites.
ImHarrykrish 3 | 12
22 Dec 2017 #20
Can you explain to me how this is such a problem for you? You did the same in the other thread.

They wouldn't look for a solution if they aren't in emergency. There are many people who apply visa for the first time, so its normal they seek help from groups or forums like this.

So either help or just don't, Simple! You don't need to rude.
9 Jan 2018 #21
@Himani bhatt
I waited 4 months to get appointment date for my student visa. There were no appointment dates available for student visa and I emailed to the consulate several times and didn't get any reply. Once I told them If don't join for my PhD course I would loose my fellowship, i got a reply from them. I submitted my application on 6th December and my visa got approved in 3 days
Ancy rose
10 Jan 2018 #22
If reference number in my token is displayed in the visa decision status of Poland Embassy mumbai, will it mean that I have received Poland visa ? .
18 Jan 2018 #23
Ayyappan97 - | 1
18 Jan 2018 #24
Hi please someone can assist me on booking student visa slot. I have mailed the general consulate in Mumbai, but didn't get any response. I have been trying for more than one month to book slot, but unfortunately it opens for a minute and then closes off.

please guide me as my classes commence in the first week of March.
18 Jan 2018 #25
Dates are opening on Monday...I got 2-3 slots ....if you will ask to embassy they will not guide you anything
18 Jan 2018 #26

You can consulte to any agent for the dates....most probably dates are opening on Monday...I have also got many dates....embassy doesn't helps you for this kind of problem
22 Jan 2018 #27
hello everyone
I have many people from Nepal waiting for getting appointment date as their work permits are to expire. Is there any way to get appointment date in case of emergency ? If there is any way help them.
23 Jan 2018 #28
I am trying to book appointment from last 1 month, but didn't got the dates yet. Slot opens and get filled within few seconds. Could you please guide us what process you followed to get the slots or if you have any agent contacts who can help us with the date booking..
25 Jan 2018 #29
I am facing the same issue .
I have tickets for 28 march to 3 april as tourist but whenever I go to consulate website it says all slots are filled how do I make sure to get an appointment.

@anjali23 - Do you know at what time/day new slots get open ?
28 Jan 2018 #30
If you need slot I can help you with some agents provide your number

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