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Polish Citizenship for a foreigner whose parents was born in Poland

Milton Jungman 1 | -
10 Sep 2007 #1
I am Brazilian and am interested in getting Polish citizensship.
My father was born in Poland, Lublin in 1929.
He has no polish document currently.
What is the best way for me to get it ?

Thank you,
Ronek 1 | 261
10 Sep 2007 #2
Well it's pretty easy...

You must apply to the Polish consulate. Your father was polish so there will be no dispute about your blood and the nearest polish ancestor.

But you will also have to show that you cultivate polish culture... so speaking polish helps a lot.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746
10 Sep 2007 #3
I think language/culture shouldn't be problem blood is blood ;)
patryk_sudol 6 | 23
16 Sep 2007 #4
Merged:Polish Passport and Citizenship - both of my parents were born in Poland

Hi, I am new to this forum and I am liking it so far. Both of my parents were born in Poland and moved to the USA around 1985. Therefore I was born in the us. I want to become a Polish citizen and I am aware if both of your parents are born in Poland, than then the child is already considered a polish citizen. Now what do I have to do to declare my Polish citizenship and obtain a Polish passport. What is the process and how long is the process? Dziekuje!!!!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369
16 Sep 2007 #5
There are threads about this with full information. Do a search.
RapkiewA - | 1
28 Sep 2007 #6
You just need to make one dossie, explain about what happens... since you father or grandfather leave Poland. and send to Polish emabassy.
You dont need to talk Polish.
You dont need to know to write or, whathever...
Its a blood thing.
Call to Polish Brazilian embassy in Brazil and they will tell u everything.
lukasw23 - | 6
1 Oct 2007 #7
It is not as easy as described by fellow speakers. Actually the whole process is quite complicated and needs careful preparation. Specifically, you will need to file some documents that prove your fathers country of origin. Consulate or Embassy may give you information but will not prepare the application for you. There are firms that help with the process...

That's fairly easy process. You just need to file an application with supporting documents and wait until its approved. Email me if you have more specific questions...
jadachw49w - | 5
16 Oct 2007 #8
i'm in the same boat... its gonna be easier if your parents still have their old polish passports... even though they became us citizens, you can still do it...

believe me, its easier if they find their old passports...
23 Oct 2007 #9
You can find details about Polish Citizenship at polishconsulateny org under Polish Citizenship tab.

Good luck,

z_darius 14 | 3,964
23 Oct 2007 #10
Both of my parents were born in Poland

You are a Polish citizen then.
patryk_sudol 6 | 23
24 Oct 2007 #11
I want to get a polish passport so I can attend school in poland thought so I need to confirm with the embassy correct?
z_darius 14 | 3,964
24 Oct 2007 #12
call them:
shunter882 - | 1
6 Jan 2008 #13
Merged: Polish mother is now a US citizen. Polish Citizenship through ancestry?

I had a question... My mother was born in the 1950's in Poland and her parents and her family come from Poland as well. She moved to the USA with her parents when she was 13 and they have all since become US citizens. I was born in America but can I can I still claim Polish citizenship through my mother?
6 Jan 2008 #14
Yes you can claim Polish nationality. You are actually a Polish citizen already (you automatically became one at the moment of your birth because your mother is a Polish citizen), you just need to contact the Polish consulate nearest where you live to apply for a Polish passport. The fact that your mother became a US citizen is not relevant to her status as a Polish citizen: Polish citizenship can only be given up by applying to the president of Poland for permission, if your mother hadn't done that before you were born, you became a Polish citizen when you were born.
bobby 6 | 32
6 Jan 2008 #15
Ok, let me also ask - My grandparents both born in Poland (and there parents ect)

They moved to Australia as DP's. Then they had my mother in Australia, and guess what, my mother had me. Where do i stand on this?

Can i apply for polish passport? Both my grandparents have passed away.
lukasw23 - | 6
13 Feb 2008 #16
This is not true that you can apply directly for Polish Passport!!! First you have to receive confirmation of your Polish Citizenship. I have a lot of experience in this filed as I have worked in the Consulate of Poland in the US.

8 Jul 2008 #17
Hi i live in South Africa and have my late grandfathers Polish passport. I would like to get one. How do I go about it
Akashrayna - | 1
8 Jul 2008 #18
Is it possible to get Polish citizenship if my great grandparents were born in Poland but my grandparents and mother were born here in Canada?
benszymanski 8 | 465
8 Jul 2008 #19
From what I understand if you have a Polish ancestor then by blood rights you have Polish citizenship automatically.

To use this citizenship and do things like get a passport you first need to get CONFIRMATION of Polish citizenship. Talk to the Polish consulate in your country to find out about doing this.

But if your ancestor or anyone in the chain renounced their Polish citizenship then the chain ends and you aren't Polish. There are a few other complications too - search on this forum about it because this stuff is asked all the time.

Also the process can take a number of years, so don't expect to get an EU passport from this any time soon....
SSpringer 5 | 55
12 Jul 2008 #20
if my great grandmothers parents were born in poland in 1880s, they came to the united states in 1906. my great grandmother was born in USA in 1917, Is she a Polish citizen? She never applied for a polish passport, does her daughter or anyone have the right to apply?
BJD37 1 | 1
14 Jul 2008 #21
After reading all these posts I'm confused.

Can someone please clarify if I DO qualify for Polish Citizenship through my grandmother?

Facts: My Grandmother was born in Nur, Poland, 1912. She married my Polish American grandfather in POLAND in 1935 (he was born in America - but went back to Poland, married her, came BACK to America, then sent for her) She came over to America for the first time in 1936/1937 through Philadelphia to meet up with my grandfather.

Does this mean I qualify? And what exactly do I qualify for: just a passport or passport and citizenship?

If so, what do need to do next? Thanks in advance!
benszymanski 8 | 465
14 Jul 2008 #22
I apologise now if my post is somewhat abrupt, but it is becoming quite tiring to repeat the same things over and over.

Your Grandmother was Polish. Thus your parent is Polish (you don't say if it's your maternal or paternal grandmother so I don't know if we are talking about your Mum or Dad here but it doesn't matter). Thus you are Polish. Doesn't matter that you or your parent never set foot in Poland, you are automatically Polish because you have Polish blood.

Do you qualify? Probably unless your Grandmother or your parent or you renounced Polish citizenship which is unlikely.

What do you qualify for?
Polish citizenship. If you are a Polish citizen you can then apply for a Polish passport. How can you have a passport of a country that you aren't a citizen of?

What do you do next?
As has been said many times already, contact your local embassy. Expect a long wait.
Wredniak - | 7
14 Jul 2008 #23
All documents that confirms your right to Polish citizenship have to be in Polish so if your birth certificate isn't from Poland you will have to translate it on your own.
benszymanski 8 | 465
14 Jul 2008 #24
It's more complicated than that - you have to use approved translators (not just any translator). Also when I started my application (in Poland) I had problems getting the Urząd Stanu Civilnego to give me a Polish birth certificate from my UK one because the UK ones don't have certain details on it (such as father's family surname). In fact I am still waiting on them to decide what to do about it...
Wredniak - | 7
14 Jul 2008 #25
to use approved translators

I think any "tłumacz przysięgły" will do (sorry no idea how they are called in English). And getting Polish Birth Certificate should be only a formality, but Probably Urząd Stanu Cywilnego has no idea what to do so it will say that it is not in his competences and send you somewhere else. Good luck (you will need a lot of good luck).
benszymanski 8 | 465
14 Jul 2008 #26
yes - a sworn translator. Yeah the director of my local USC said he hadn't dealt with this before and said he needed to check what to do. When I can next be bothered, I will chase him up.. Not only luck - also patience!
KevinCan - | 2
27 Jul 2008 #27
If you have a Polish consulate in your city, they may have names of certified Polish translators.
EbonyandBathory 5 | 249
29 Jul 2008 #28
I just got done a few weeks ago talking to the Polish consolate where I live (Los Angeles, CA, USA). While it is true that anyone with Polish ancestors is automatically qualified for Polish citizenship there are a few catches. First, my family came from Poland four generations ago, which makes me eligible. However, when they left Poland they actually left what would have been the Prussian partition and it's not as if I can get Prussian citizenship today, now is it? So I have to prove that my family was living in Poland in 1795, before the partitions and that is a long, expensive part of what already is a long, expensive process. So, when I heard that I automatically qualifiy, it sounded like an easy thing--not so much. If you have the time and money, go for it, but if it isn't worth it, it's not worth it.
sa_guy - | 2
1 Aug 2008 #29
Hi if my grandfather (mother's father) came from Poland, can I claim Polish citizenship?

advpiotrowski - | 2
18 Sep 2008 #30
It depends on when your grandfather left Poland (date) and if he served in foreign army till 1951.

If your grandfather left Poland after 1920 and did not serve in foreign Army till 1951 basically you are entitle to obtain Polish citizenship.

Some few additional issue must be clarify but generally your are entitle.

If you need more information please contact with me (adv.piotrowski@gmail)

I will give you some more details.



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