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Can Poland's Birth Certificates Destroyed in War be Recreated/Reregistered?

30 Nov 2017 #1
I am applying for my confirmation of Polish citizenship, but my grandfather's birth certificate was destroyed during WWII. I have a letter from the consulate saying that all of the birth records from the year in which he was born, in his specific village, have been lost/destroyed. However, I have other documents supporting his birth in Poland. Is it possible to somehow reregister/recreate his birth certificate for my confirmation for polish citizenship case? According to Polaron (, birth certificates can be "recreated" if it is proven that they were destroyed. However, I don't want to pay all of their expensive fees to do this. What is the procedure for me to have the certificate recreated based on other evidence? Or can I hire a local attorney to do it if I cannot? What is required?

As my grandfather left Poland at a very young age (but acquired no foreign citizenship) it is important for me to show that he acquired his citizenship by being born in Polish territory. Is this re-creation of his birth certificate necessary/helpful for the application (instead of just giving other documents that support that he was born there)?

Many thanks.
terri 1 | 1,665
1 Dec 2017 #2
Most of the cities, towns, villages have a Catholic church where a birth would have been registered. You could try searching for churches in his area. There maybe evidence of baptism too.
PIgski - | 12
1 Dec 2017 #3
Get a copy of his passport records since they actually prove his citizenship, and not just place of birth. You may want to wait just a bit before applying for your citizenship recognition. While the citizenship rules haven't changed, the old P.O./Tusk regime reversed the evidentiary burdens, which makes things even harder where records were destroyed, etc. The present government is expected to follow the example in Hungary and facilitate recognition of citizenship of Poles living abroad. At present, petitions such as yours can take years and be quite expensive. This should change soon enough to influence the next national elections.

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