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Temp residence in Poland (came here on a Schengen visa to get my US visa extended)

8 May 2012 #1
Im in Indian citizen but I have lived in the US on a work permit for 10 years. I came to Poland to get my US visa extended. But the administrative process for getting work permit extended is taking a long time.

I came to Poland on on a schengen visa and since I missed the deadline to extend the visa they make me apply for a resident permit(knowing that I will not get it) but it would give me about a months time to stay in Poland and wait for my US work permit. Now i am approaching the dealine to hear about my resident permit, which is pretty much going to say that i did not get the Polaish resident permit. I have to someone how stay here in Poland till my passport comes back from the US embassy. I have tired telling the polish district office that it is out of my control but they have asked me to requested the passport form the US embassy and leave.

Is there another way to get a short term resident permit without leaving Poland. Perhaps signing up for a polish language courses? I just need something to keep me here for another month.
Looker - | 1,134
12 Nov 2014 #2
Quotes from Prolongation_of_a_visa_in_Poland.html

Mandatory Schengen visa prolongation

The period of validity of a visa issued or length of stay under said visa may be extended if the visa holder can prove that, due to unforeseen circumstances or for humanitarian reasons, he cannot leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa or before the end of the authorized period of stay.

Maybe your case qualified for those "unforeseen circumstances"?

Foreigners who wish to extend their stay under a visa must apply for a visa prolongation at least 3 days before the expiry of the authorised period of stay indicated in the visa.

But it was already too late at the time you wrote this.. I wonder how did you manage in this situation?
cnotes11 - | 1
2 Aug 2017 #3

Quick visa query - student visa extended without returning to country of origin

Wondering if there are any non-eu people here who can tell me if a student visa can be extended without returning to your country of origin?

American living in warsaw, trying to get a new lease on my visa by going to berlin, not all the way to the states, is it possible? Anyone?

Cheer for any help.
SamTexas - | 19
3 Aug 2017 #4
I got my temp residence permit in Warsaw by hiring a local legal company, the service was impressive. However I came to Poland without a student visa, just the 90-day entry.
10 Jan 2018 #5

Karta Pobyto

Can I apply for Karta Pobyto if i have another student permit in another Schengen state before it expires or should I apply for visa to come to Poland from where i am and then apply for Karta?

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