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Unusual situation with Poland's work permit and karta pobytu / moving to another city?

TurtleButtocks 1 | 1
26 Oct 2017 #1

I have an really unusual situation. And i'm looking for some information about it.

Situation is like this:

I had a 1 year karta pobytu. And i was working in a company. No work permit at the beginning. I could just work with karta pobytu.

1 month before the card expires I applied for new karta pobytu, as well as a work permit.
So my application is in progress for about 1,5 month now. No letter to get the stamp on passport.
But last week, i got fired from my job.

So here it gets interesting. I don't know what will happen to my current application in progress. I guess company will notify Urzad Wojewodzki about me getting fired. Maybe not..

So my question is, can I be hired by another company now? They will apply for new work permit. And can I stay here legally in this time?

Also: Moving to other city in Poland while karta pobytu application is in progress.

I'll briefly explain my current situation:

My one year karta pobytu expired at 6th October 2017.
I applied for new one and as well as a work permit at 15th September 2017.
I got fired at 4th November. (Little bit before that, my notice period ended at 4th November)

So now i have an application in progress in Wroclaw.

My question is, can i move to another city? Its in different voivodeship. I have job offers from Krakow and Katowice.

Can I be able to transfer my application somehow? And what will be the procedure? How long will it take to transfer?

Thank you in advance for the answers!
jon357 74 | 22,395
26 Oct 2017 #2
You need to speak to a lawyer about this. Are you from outside the EU?

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