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As a foreigner non EU citizen working in Poland, can I get visa for my spouse?

Faisal Khan
30 Jan 2013 #1
Hi friends, I am from India. I am an engineer working in India in an american MNC. Last month I got news of job location transfer to Beilsko Biala in Poland. I been to Poland a couple of times earlier. I like the place and found people quite friendly. My company already started the process by placing a new job advertisement locally in Poland and then globally on their website in order to absorb me in Poland. The company says they will arrange the work permit from Poland while I had to apply for long term visa at New Delhi based polish embassy based on my work permit issued from Poland. I had my set of worries at the moment. I am getting married soon in India. I want to know as a foreigner in Poland can I sponsor my Indian wife in Poland based upon my long term work visa? Please advice. Some useful information will definitely help me plan. Thank you.
20 Feb 2013 #2
Yes. Your wife is entitled to stay with you on national visa (dependant visa). Since I worked in Poland for 4 years, I would suggest you to go for Middle Eastern countries rather than Europe specially country like UAE. You will be more safe and happy there as compared to any European country.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Mar 2013 #3
@Ahsan : Except for UK perhaps, where is big Indian community. In Poland and Bielsko Biała especially I think you will be quite an attraction.
19 Mar 2013 #4
Merged: Dependent Visa for the Spouse - job interview in Poland

We are Indian citizens. My husband is interviewing for a job in Poland. I have few queries around dependent visa.

1.If he gets a work permit, what is the process for me to get a dependent spouse visa ?

2.If he gets a work permit, will he also get a temporary residence permit alongwith it? If he gets that is it implied that I will also get residence permit ?

3. How long will it take to process ?

4. What are the conditions for me to get a work permit once I reach Poland ?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
19 Mar 2013 #5
read that:
alexpetrov 2 | 8
31 Mar 2013 #6
Hello Monitor, thanks for the link, but it doesn't really answer her question. It contains no information that would answer the questions she asked.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
31 Mar 2013 #7
It's important that to get working visa you should fill application the latest 45 days before of the end of your tourist visa.

And here you have what the company has to do in order to get such vias for you:

"The first step that the employer should do is to post a vacancy in the press. A similar application must be lodged with the employment office. The offer must be available at the office at least one week. -We then give an opinion that there is no suitable candidate for Polish citizens. "

I think the best if you call embassy and write the answer here for us, because I cannot find anything in the Internet concerning dependent visa to Poland.
Polsyr 6 | 769
31 Mar 2013 #8
It is possible for you and your children to have dependant visas to join your husband once he is in Poland and once he has both a work permit and a residence permit.

He will need both a work permit and a residence permit, and the two are separate procedures. The residence permit is issued on the basis of the work permit.
4 Jun 2013 #9
Rajesh Agre

I am an indian would you please guide me about getting work permit in Poland .

please reply me on email id or rajeshagre1979@gmail

Thank you
12 Aug 2014 #10
Hello Faisal,

I'm currently in same situation as you were an year back. Did you move to Poland? I would be really grateful if you can share the info with me. I get very little information on internet.

12 Aug 2014 #11
Hi,We are Indian citizens. My husband is interviewing for a job in Poland. I have few queries around dependent visa.

I have similar concerns. Would be really grateful if you can help me with this.
Rian Bob
31 Aug 2014 #12
I would like to work in Poland. I read that some one have an job interview recently.
Could I ask if in which way did you applied for job. I tried applying online for few jobs and I havnt got any responds. If some one can guide me to fine a job that would be very helpful.

I am Mechanical Engineer with a Master Degree in Product Design.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
31 Aug 2014 #13
aster Degree in Product Design.

you ask the question in the wrong place. You need to speak Polish, to have chance for a job. The best both speak Polish and have work permit.
27 Dec 2014 #14
Hi Shaz,

You can apply for work permit in Poland, provided if you have some skill or education level which normally is not available in Poland.

I can get assist you if required as I live in Warsaw, Poland and have sufficient knowledge and background of Immigration.

Email: mikidear@hotmail

csvinayak1983 - | 1
11 Mar 2015 #15
SV2000 , /All

I'm an Indian Citizen

I have a prospective job offer from Poland , But i would like to know
1) if i could take my wife along with me as a dependent
2) do Spouse require separate work Visa in order to work in Poland .
3) If my work Visa is for 3 years , how long it will take to get a EU passport from Poland
Roger5 1 | 1,455
11 Mar 2015 #16
There's no such thing as an EU passport. You can't automatically get Polish citizenship. Spend five years in the country and then apply. If it is decided that you are an asset to the country, you might get your passport. If it looks like you just want it as a means to move on to Germany, France or the UK, forget it.
11 Mar 2015 #17
1) Yes.
2) Yes, and for each separate job people need a separate work permit. Basically she can forget about working in Poland, she is very unlikely to find anybody who will go through the hassle of getting her a work permit.

3) Five years after the end of that permit.
18 May 2015 #18
My husband work in an IT company in Krakow since last Oct 2014 only, What are the chance and procedures of me coming to Poland and start working?

1) Can I work in Poland?

2) Can I start working immediately ?

3) If not, how much time will it take me to start working there?

4) I am a marketing professional...Will I get a Job for the same domain?

Kindly do not share any is difficult to understand that way...

Your answers to my questions directly here would be more appreciated. Thank You
18 May 2015 #19
What are the chance and procedures of me coming to Poland

If he has a work permit and residency permit, you can get a dependent's residency permit.

1) Can I work in Poland?

Not without a work permit, which you are unlikely to get.

2) Can I start working immediately ?

Most certainly not.

3) If not, how much time will it take me to start working there?

A long time. First you will have to find an employer who wants to hire a person who doesn't speak Polish and does require a work permit, then the employer has to jump through all the hoops to get a work permit for you (and they need to justify employing a person who doesn't speak Polish when there are tens of millions of unemployed EU citizens who also don't speak Polish). After that you need to go back to your country of permanent residence to have your dependent's residency permit changed to a residency permit with the right to work (I''m pretty sure that that step hasn't been changed). Although you could in theory just remain in your country of permanent residence until the paperwork is ready to be processed, good luck finding an employer who wants to hire a person who doesn't speak Polish and does require a work permit and whom they have never met.

One thing: please note that none of the above applies if you have an EU passport (I'm guessing you don't).
Levi_BR 6 | 219
18 May 2015 #20
1) You can work in Poland only if you have a work permit. The fact that your husband have one doesn't apply to you.

2) No

3) You can be hired only after you have the permit

4) It is very unlikely unless you have a really outstanding formation. Remember that the polish population is highly educated so the competition for skilled jobs is fierce.
19 May 2015 #21
Hi Harry & Levi BR,

Appreciate your immediate responses.

After all the background checks and searching I did on internet what I could figure out is I need to learn Polish before coming there. I am OK with doing that. But still it will take a minimum of 1 n a half or even 2 years to get that certificate. Is that right?

2) What if instead of working I plan to study something??

2a) Can I study something there in order to get a job soon?

2b) Do I need a separate student visa or something else to even study there?

2c) For eg. for getting a Job in U.S you need to study there and then do a job there that is this condition mandatory here too?
DominicB - | 2,709
19 May 2015 #22
It takes a long time to learn Polish. Two years would be optimistic.

2) What if instead of working I plan to study something??

You would have to get accepted into a Polish university as a full-time regular student, which isn't easy.

2a) Can I study something there in order to get a job soon?

Definitely not. As a student, you would theoretically be able to work only during the summer, but summer jobs for foreigners that don't speak Polish well are very rare, so don't count on finding one. Even on the odd chance that you could find a job, the cost of your studies would be more than you earn, so there is little point.

2b) Do I need a separate student visa or something else to even study there?

You would need a separate student visa.

Really, your chances of finding work in Poland are microscopic, so you and your husband should make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will not be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland.
Simeon shrestha
11 Feb 2016 #23
I am a foreign student studying in swp university in Warsaw. I want to know whether my husband can get dependent visa or not? How much time should I spent in Poland for applying dependent visa for my husband? I would be kind if you give me information about it...
sweety - | 1
19 Mar 2016 #24
Hi I am sunita from Vietnam, working in University as English Teacher and psychology. We both wife and husband had completed our TESOL Course from Australia Language School. Now interest to do PhD in Poland and want to settle down for long term.

Kindly Please do advise me which city is best for education? cheaper university ?and for jobs?for me and for my spouse, as he is also teaching and have many years of experience in company too.

Can my spouse get jobs? Is job easy to get? how long it take for PR to get?
I know new country its quite difficult, but we are friendly nature person. Mix with new people very quick.
Thanking you so much for your valuable time.

With Warm Regards
29 Apr 2016 #25
Hi everyone!!
I am Mehul. I got Ph.d. admission in AMU Poznan. Can my wife also travel with me on spouse visa? Are there any special requirements or time restrictions? Please reply...
3 Aug 2016 #26
Merged: Work permit for spouse of non Polish national working in Poland


The migrant website is very unclear about it so I decided to ask here.

I'm not Polish but I'm currently legally residing and working in Krakow based on a temporary work permit and temporary residence visa. My wife is also living here with me and she has the same temporary residence visa based on our marital status. Given this situation, can she obtain a work permit to work in Poland by herself, or must an employer intending to hire her apply for her work permit?

I'm asking that because she's about to receive a job offer but the potential employer is unwilling to go through all the hassle of applying for this work permit for her.

Thank you!
31 Aug 2017 #27
I am a non skilled worker in poland.
Can i work part time other than the job of my work permit?
DominicB - | 2,709
31 Aug 2017 #28

Only if your second employer gets a second work-permit for your second job. Your current work permit is good only for your current job with your current employer.
21 Nov 2017 #29
Hello, I am a Bangladeshi & living in warsaw. I have residence permit & work permit only for five months. But I don't know how can I invite my husband here for reunification. Could you please help me to provide kind information as follows?---

1) Is it possible to invite him as I don't have long-term residence permit.
2) If not is it possible to get work permit visa for him from Bangladesh?
3) And also can my employer invite him as a dependent visa on the behalf of Polish law?
Please I need your kind help with kind information.
Thanks in advance & great appreciation!!!
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Nov 2017 #30

As a temporary resident with a permit of less than two years, you cannot invite him or have him join you as a dependent.

Your company cannot invite him, and wouldn't if they could. They may offer him a job and apply for a work permit to hire him, and he could get a visa on the basis of that offer. He would have to apply for the visa on his own. Being married to you won't make any difference.

Otherwise, he could find a job with another employer in Poland while he is in Bangladesh, and apply for his own work visa.

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