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ZUS for owner (living in the UK) of a business in Poland

skypink 1 | -
24 Jan 2018 #1
I am a UK citizen and am planning to start a business (Spółka z o o) in Poland. I would continue to live in the UK and someone in Poland would run the business. Will I be required to ZUS in Poland? Everything I have read so far seems to suggest I will which seems wrong.
delphiandomine 83 | 17,881
24 Jan 2018 #2
For a limited company, ZUS is paid on salaries. So yes, if the person in Poland is paid, the company is liable for paying their ZUS contributions, both employer and employee.

If you only receive payment through dividends, then you won't have any personal ZUS liability.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
24 Jan 2018 #3
You can be a director and not draw a salary, so you wont need to pay. But an employee will need to have ZUS paid. There are ways shift the accountability to the employee but the fact remains that someone will need to pay it, whether its your company or the employee, so it would need to be figured into take home pay.

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