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Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen, invitation letter.

evaEJ 1 | 4
7 Jun 2012 #1
I live in NYC but I am visiting my family in Poland and I would like my fiance who is a Indian citizen and currently lives in India to get a tourist visa to enter Poland as well. Does anyone knows how many months in advance he needs to apply for the visa if we want to be there by the end of September 2012? Also is it hard to get a tourist visa, just for 2 weeks time. Thanks in advance
7 Jun 2012 #2
Hi eva,
i have a bf that is originally from India (indian citizenship), but living in Emirates ( so he applied for his visa in polish embassy there in abu dhabi, btw.)

1st time once he applied (April 2011), they rejected his application (2 weeks of waiting),....even they didnt want to explain him why no visa for him(!?).

So that to apply 2nd time, we decided that i could issue the invitation for him ( that ment i had to go to so called - Voivodoship Office n get info n forms from Citizen n Foreigner Department).

After applying for this invitation, i had to wait kinda 2-3 weeks for a decission (which was "yes" for the invitation). It was in May last year. After receiving the paper w/ the invitation, i had to sent it to my bf ( coz only orignal paper could be attached to the application for visa). It took 2-3 days (sent by fedex,btw). Then he applied for his visa giving the inviatation that i had issued for him, n after 2 weeks he got the allowance for his tourist visa to Poland ( n came to Poland in half of June - there will be an anniversary in 10 days, btw :P).

So this is a story about my case, the story w/a happy end, it was a process however,
What i feel, i suggest u to start ur endeavour soon, coz we dnt know if he will get the visa at first time (w/out attaching this formal invitation), what i wish u :)

Gtz from Poland :)
OP evaEJ 1 | 4
7 Jun 2012 #3
Thank you so much for replaying and your help. Unfortunately I cannot do an invitation for him because I am not residing in Poland. My parents live there but I don't think they will do invitation for him because its just a hassle for them. Let me ask you this, what information did you need from your friend when doing an invitation for him? Also you have to have a proof of income to do this invitation right?
7 Jun 2012 #4
Well, as for invitation,
all what is required to apply for invitation was listed in the site of the Voivodeship Office that i "belong to",
as it follows:
1) application form ( few pages, that r available to download from the site too, btw., but only some part of this form r ment to be filled by the applicant)

2) a proof of income ->>> yes, indeed - eg. ur mom or dad could attach a paper showing what was her/ his salary / income for the last 3 months, + eg, info given by bank if they have some savings (how much), in case if they have of course (simply so that to show what is the financial situation of the inviting person, coz the "office" wants to see if the inviting person is capable to take care of the "guest", in case of such need)

3) info about the place where the guest is suppoused to stay -> if there will be dwelling of the inviting person* or
->other place of accomodation ( eg, if the guest is goin to stay in hotel, then ur parents should book the hotel for him, get the info from such hotel written on the paper, but the booking can be dummy, its rather to show that is real/possible for him to stay in such hotel)

*in case if the guest is supoused to stay in private home ( eg ur parents home) then they should attach the legal tittle of the premises, n papers showing conditions of this place- eg. how many ppl live in this home (is registred -> ur parents should go to the City Office to ask for the info on the papar) n usable area of this premises.

4) a proof of the payment ( coz in order to start processing invitation they r expected to pay 27pln for the account of the Voivodeship Office where they would give this all docs).

Thats all.... :)

I managed to do it, n i strongly believe ur parents (mom or dad as an inviting person, since u r not here) could issue this all too :))

Simply, 1st of all tell ur mom or dad to go to this Urzad Wojewodzki, Citizen n Foreigner Department n the workers will give the application form n requirements listed for them on the paper too :)
md11 2 | 5
7 Jun 2012 #5
I suggest you do your self a favor and leave him in india
OP evaEJ 1 | 4
8 Jun 2012 #6
Why would you say that? You don't know me so keep your suggestions to yourself. cheers

Thank you Primaverka for your help
decor_ating - | 10
8 Jun 2012 #7
I think you should goggle racism, street killings, racist attacks in Poland and then decide if you want a brown skinned man in that country.
OP evaEJ 1 | 4
8 Jun 2012 #8
lol is this a joke. Dude idk where you're from but take a chill pill. I am not a teenager but thanks for advice
md11 2 | 5
8 Jun 2012 #9
keep the dirty indian out of our country, dont contaminate it.
pawian 213 | 22,276
8 Jun 2012 #10
Hey, come on, those Indian emigrees are very decent people. I wish there were more of them here.
9 Jun 2012 #11
Eva, the key is the invite from Polish residents, get it.

And please excuse the idiots who want to shame our fine nation.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
9 Jun 2012 #12
Eva, the key is the invite from Polish residents, get it.

Or just book two weeks accommodation, prove his income, get health insurance and make sure that it's obvious that it's just a holiday.
Polsyr 6 | 769
9 Jun 2012 #13
Sometimes all this is not enough to "convince" the consulate. However, official invitation letter is the best option, because the person providing the invitation is actually taking full responsibility for the person being invited.

If you are serious about this gentleman, you should convince your parents to cooperate. If they don't cooperate now, imagine how things will be when you tell them you are planning on getting married to him...

Good luck to you.
27 Jun 2012 #14
It is not about Indians or any other citzens from different country . Atleast respect the creation of God because as u r Humans others Human too so Do not disrespect urself by saying Dirty to other citizens.
11 Aug 2012 #15
Dear Sir/Madam

I am Ramarao from India.I am studying in Mauritius and i would like to visit Poland once.How i have to go to Poland..can u advise me where i have to go for get visiting visa for Poland..whom i have to you have Poland consulate in Mauritius ..plz advise me..

Thanks and regards:
18 Oct 2012 #16
Comments like that are ignorant to say the least. I am from Pakistan and my gf is Polish - getting married next year and moving her/our little son to Dubai. I love travelling there - beautiful country - great people. Unfortunately its people like you that give your country a negative image - just as i am sure there are people in mine that give Pakistan a bad rap. You complain about Indians coming to Poland and ruining it - i'm sure the brits complain about you going there and ruining the UK - unfortunately its always the minority that make it difficult for the majority.

The reason for people to travel to other countries is to look for a better life - improve your standard of living because back in Poland for example - its tough - good paying work is hard to find. Is it fair for people to say keep the Pols out. I don't think so - but when the Pols end up as people like you - i understand why they say that.

So keep an open mind - travel the world - embrace other cultures and READ!! Educate yourself.

You writing comments like that on a forum just make you look like a dumb ass.
29 Oct 2012 #17
hello every one...
just like so many people are here who are engaged with Polish girls or boys...i feel happy to see that,coz i am too one of them who got my girl from Poland,

my question is that....if she(her parents) are inviting me by THE INVITATION they need to have their passport too??because their passport have expired,so i had just this concern if they have evry other proof..just passport they do not have....will it be needed to have their passport if they are inviting me??

hoping for replies...:)
primaverka84 - | 5
29 Oct 2012 #18
Hi, there is no need of passport as its not their trip, n to show their data (if such need) they have id cards.

All what is required i already pointed out in my post on this site. Hope u already read it ;)
29 Oct 2012 #19
thats fine as you are saying they are not on some trip...but i contacted to several agencies,and its written clearly on embassy forum that invitee must have their passport ...
primaverka84 - | 5
29 Oct 2012 #20
I see u bother ur head with info from some agencies n embassy forum, n i understand it coz u r just looking for information, but the place this issue is suppoused to be done is Voivodoship Office (-> Citizen n Foreigner Department), n everything will be fixed only there, coz they dont issue this things with embassy or some agencies, so there only counts this what Voivodoship Office says that is required.
30 Oct 2012 #21
if ID CARDS,DRIVING LICENSE,can work at the place of passport which INVITEE should have....than thats supercool...:) :) thanks a ton..:) hey if i can stay in touch with you may be u can help me further?or i will have to keep on posting on this page??your mail id can i get for further issues if i will need you??
angelf 1 | 1
14 Nov 2012 #22
helo eva .u need as travel health insurance as one of the requirement in tourist visa..
rohit22 - | 2
22 Nov 2012 #23
i have the invitation from my internet friend will it be ok?
sacs_kat - | 2
7 Dec 2012 #24
thats good that u have the invitation letter..may i know in how many days u got the invitation letter issued on your name?coz as my friend said to takes around 20-25 days..and if we wants to travel on TOURIST VISA ..not with some invitation letter...what should be the XACT documents needed and how much money i should show to embassy ?
Sohanvae - | 1
7 Dec 2012 #25
That will be very nice if the Polish govt makes easy to get entrance for the Indian citizen.
5 Jan 2013 #26
what if I had fallen in love in Indian and he left because had no visa - left UK - I don't want to go there to India, - I think he is so nice to me because he wants to marry me for visa. I will not marry him, I think they all Indian want us - Polish girls to love them and get married for it-visa. But they can be so sweet , so so sweet and lovely like no other nations. You just give them Your heart and everything - what then????.I'll never find out - to late. well - I did not marry him - and I lost him. Well - I am not going to India to get him - no. I will hope for good life without him. It hurts - so Indian men please don't hurt us, please.
Bieganski 17 | 896
5 Jan 2013 #27
It's unfortunate to hear that you felt you were being used by someone you fell in love with.

India is currently going through a lot of soul searching at the moment after an Indian woman was brutally ganged raped so bad that she died from her injuries. I even heard that when she and her Indian boyfriend were thrown off the bus, naked and bleeding, no one passing by would help them. When the police finally came by and stopped they began arguing with each other over which jurisdiction was responsible since the attack occurred over the course of two hours on the moving bus. As a result there have been nation-wide protests in India regarding entrenched and widespread misogyny. It would be wonderful for you to go to India to be with your love and build a life with him there but I fear it will take at least another generation or two before they come up to speed regarding equal treatment found in more civil societies around the world.
sacs_kat - | 2
21 Jan 2013 #28
i think you people have no right to criticise indians...just because of few idiotic criminal minded people,you cant blame the whole nation..and the girl whose boy left her just because he didnt get visa...he was using her to get polish visa thats it..
shayan999 - | 1
22 Jul 2013 #29

please advise i am try to visit poland i am live and work in Dubai. i was apply poland visa with out invitation letter 2011 but polish embassy is rejected my visa application.

my boss he can help me about visa so if i can apply business business visa i can get easy???
please advise
Monitor 14 | 1,820
22 Jul 2013 #30
google translate would generate better English than you.

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