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Deportation Law related to Crimes in Poland

16 Dec 2016 #1
Hello everyone - does anyone know what code deals with deportation law in Poland. I got a friend who got himself into legal trouble and I'd like to help him with information. He is married to a Polish woman and has his permanent visa.

If you guys could just let me know what the law says about deportation related to felonies and other crimes.
cms 9 | 1,255
16 Dec 2016 #2
Well what nationaility is he and where is he now ? But surely this would be a question for a lawyer, not a bunch of bored people clicking on a forum ?
OP Concernedfriend
16 Dec 2016 #3
Thank you for your feedback - the thing is that his family has kind of left him out to dry. He also doesn't have the cash to hire a lawyer nor does he speak enough German. He is from Brazil.
23 Jan 2018 #4
Legal troubles like?

It would help because you're being very vague

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