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Can I sell in an exhibition in Poland without a cashier machine?
Laundromats in Poland? Good business venture or not?  2  3
Want to open a shop In Poland. Advice?
Papers lost to claim pension in Poland
How will the Zloty be against the British Pound over the next 6-12 Months  2
Apply for PESEL/Passport/ID Card in Los Angeles Consulate or Warsaw? Which is faster?
Opening a company branch in Warsaw - law consult
High Interest Savings Account in Poland
× Ex-Girlfriend in Poland and Personal Debt
No residency permit or PESEL number - worried that I'm here illegally
15 - Thank you for your reply terri! I leave the country every 90 days , So i never stayed...

Lawconfusedddd - 10 Feb 2014 Juano11120 - 5 Oct 2016
How to get a private NIP number in Poland (for a foreigner) ?
28 - Plz send me nip.i am foreign...

LawMoonlighting - 12 Apr 2010 Ismael - 22 Sep 2016
Poland driving licence, non EU, non resident (Poland)
Polish citizen moving back from USA to the EU (Ireland or Netherlands) with American partner  2
"Sufficient funds" to register in Poland
Married to a man from Poland, moved abroad - Polish citizenship?
14 - Ask at the Polish Consulate/Embassy. They will give you the best advice....

Lawclecnche - 6 Dec 2013 terri - 13 Sep 2016
Are non-Polish senior citizens entitled to use free public transportation ?
8 - FYI - Last December we could get free public transport in Budapest if over 65....

Lawjaques_1789 - 31 May 2016 upperder - 5 Sep 2016
Is it possible to get an MOT on a RHD car in Poland?
Free movement of work in EU for non EU resident (Russian) livening in Poland and married to a Pole
Permanent residence card for E.U. citizens in Poland and Schengen travels
Not having a car insurance for a little while in Poland
Understanding law and working permits in Poland also residency. A Polish company offered me a job.
"185 Days" Requirement for Applying a Driving License in Poland (Detailed Research)
Refused Poland's citizenship from Polish president, what to do now?  2
I got an EU permanent residence permit and it is a flimsy piece of paper
Double taxation? Corporation Tax in Poland and UK company. How does it work?!
Poland's Laws and Regulations: Health and Safety, Licensing, Crowd Management, etc.
Help regarding domestic situation regarding withholding of child's ID in Poland
Health Insurance Requirements for Poland Residency
How to get a Polish Police Certificate from overseas.
Getting married in Poland (documentation, church)  2
PESEL and Zameldowanie czasowe (temporary residence card) are no longer necessary in Poland?
Can I travel to Poland using my Invitation Letter from my mother in law?
Appointing Representative to Receive Correspondence Regarding Temporary Residence Permit in Poland
Do I need any licenses or such to sell non-alcoholic drinks in Poland?
13 - Thank you for your answers. :)...

Lawpolebuilder - 21 Jul 2016 polebuilder - 22 Jul 2016
Need help on how to cancel a company in Poland.
Is there such a thing as a family visa for Poland?
inFakt all-inclusive service in Poland
Foreign currency accounts in Poland  2
Confirmation of Polish citizenship with name change? (US immigrant)
Born in Poland, now US Citizen, wants apply 4 Polish Passport
8 - Zman... Isn't the idea of this forum is to ask questions?...

Laweagleye - 28 Apr 2012 fostercarer - 11 Jul 2016
Buying a car from Poland - any site where you can check history of a car?
How to obtain Polish Nationality, and register residency
Study in Poland, wanting to travel around Europe; Having Visa concerns
12 - That was great help. Thank you kcp21...

LawJustjan - 3 Jul 2011 prazool - 26 Jun 2016
Am I Polish (and eligible for Polish citizenship)?
6 - Many thanks for your help, terri...

Lawpolishkid506 - 22 Jul 2015 A-MKr - 25 Jun 2016
Breaking a work contract and preliminary agreement fee in Poland
Tax calculator (netto/brutto earnings) in Poland?
10 - 18 and 32....

Lawraymccoy - 16 Apr 2010 terri - 20 Jun 2016
Can a UK company earn in PLN? Foreign currency and mortgage in Poland.
Can Polish inheritance law override the intention of UK wills?
Polish citizen raised in Cyprus, GF from Belarus. Would she become an EU citizen after marriage? Poland study.
Poland's Citizenship application - "Uzasadnienie" - what to write in this section?
12 - that doesn't narrow it down much, there's a lof of hejterzy here.......

Lawnope - 14 Mar 2016 mafketis - 15 Jun 2016
Contract to pay professional football in Poland. Work permit required?
How much do Polish people actually pay in taxes?
Marriage in Poland without a residence permit?
I'm married to a Polish guy - how long to get a resident permit?
American getting married to a Polka - Polish girl ( residency card questions )
Child maintenance - at what age can I stop paying child support in Poland?
9 - No problem kpc21 and thanks for the info:)...

LawConcerned - 5 Jun 2016 Atch - 8 Jun 2016
Questions regarding bringing my (Spanish) car to Poland
What are the legal requirements for a UK citizen to live in Poland?
Documents to get married to my Polish girlfriend
I am thinking of opening a office (LLC) in Poland!

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