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Question on conversion of a Schengen visa to Polish Temporary Residence Card (TRC)

6 Oct 2010 #1
Please I want to know the possibilty of converting a schngen visa gotten form Netherlands embassy to a Polish temporary residence card. I am an international student and was denied visa at the Polish embassy in Nigeria. Is it possible to travel down to Poland since I have gotten a 3 months schengen visa from the Dutch embassy. I have paid for my oneyear tuition fees at the polish university for October 2010 admission. I want to know if it would be posssible to convert this schengen visa to a TRC in poland?Kindly give me honest contributions
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
6 Oct 2010 #2
You can travel to Poland, but there's no option of legalising your stay from a 3 month Schengen visa. The visa must be obtained in the country where you have permanent residency - ie, Nigeria.

If you were denied a visa, it's almost certainly because they don't believe that you're coming to Poland to be a student - or you don't have the means to support your stay.
25 May 2015 #3
any body knows the rules about Polish immigration i have a valid Schengen visa how can i apply for immigration in Poland
Shaheer ansari
20 Sep 2017 #4
I am non eroupen. My brother recently registered company in Poland. On behalf of my brother company invitation I applied Poland visa for 60 days but Poland Embassy refused my visa.

Now I am going to register company in Bulgaria. I have some doubts if any one have any idea regarding my doubts please let me.

1. Behalf of my Bulgarian company shall I apply schangen visa for Bulgaria?
2. Once I enter Bulgaria can I go in Poland on same visa ?
3. If I enter in Poland shall I apply temporary resident permit on behalf of my brother company for Poland.
20 Oct 2017 #5
hey i am new here i want to ask if when i come to poland as tourist for two week is possibel to apply for card pobyte???

th for answear
21 Oct 2017 #7
so how go there to do this card
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Oct 2017 #8
You have to get a job BEFORE you come to Poland, while you are still in your home country, and then apply for a work visa.
22 Oct 2017 #9
thx dominic ,yes there is some i know him he say come this as tourist and i will put u that work with me after can applied for this card is possibel
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
23 Oct 2017 #10
So I you're just taking his word for it? Great start.
23 Oct 2017 #11
WhirlwindTobias i just try to know some information and he try to help as he know , and if you to know some information you can edvice me thx
ImHarrykrish 4 | 12
8 Jan 2018 #12

Schengen visa to Karta pobytu


I have a single entry - schengen visa for a period of 30 days (CEL WYDANIA 23). I would like to apply for a Job search visa with my university diploma where i recently graduated.

Can i extend this visa into Karta pobytu (TRC) normally? or Is there a special case for this?

Thanks in advance!
ImHarrykrish 4 | 12
9 Jan 2018 #13
Because i heard that its possible but i am quite confused of which one it is..

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