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Immigration Open for Foreigners In Poland?

rajaamir 1 | -    
13 Jan 2012  #1

Hi friends :
This Raja Aamir from Italy. Friends i have listened form some friends that in Poland immigration is open for foreigners so anyone come there and apply for resident permit there?

First i want know is this news is true or not?
Secondly if it is open so which procedure has to follow and how much average expenses are for it?
I will be very much thankful if somebody guides me....
regards to all

ShAlEyNsTfOh 4 | 162    
13 Jan 2012  #2

Raja Aamir... yup, sounds VERY italian indeed!....
Spaceman77 3 | 58    
13 Jan 2012  #3

immigration is open in ANY COUNTRY after DUE PROCESS. Poland is not the exception. Like Italy, every human that qualifies for immigration benefits may apply.

If your question is regarding whether Poland admits immigrant without due process. The answer is no. Otherwise, it would be pointless to have border controls.
Midas 1 | 571    
13 Jan 2012  #4

He's obviously not Italian, indian most likely.

Quite the usual attitude, in fact - "how much do I have to pay?"...
29 Dec 2014  #5

hi my name is Qayoom and i am leaving in europe and i have visit visa and i want rezident so how any days will it take and how many money plz answer my question this is my mail
20 Jan 2016  #6

I want to sty in poland
13 Mar 2016  #7

hello everyone. .
I am Michael from Nigeria. . I really wish to migrate to poland.. please I need answers to this. my e-mail is
Wulkan - | 3,160    
14 Mar 2016  #8

I really wish to migrate to poland

Why Poland? Life is not easy here.
Bieganski 14 | 801    
14 Mar 2016  #9

please I need answers to this.

For some migrants to Poland the answer has been homelessness as featured in this WP.TV report:

my e-mail is

I recommend as a precaution that people do not respond to personal email addresses like this one. This apparently friendly request for information could be merely a front to harvest other email addresses for future spamming or spear phishing attacks.

The answers being sought can easily be provided on this and other forums for all to read.
16 Mar 2016  #10

I need a way in no matter the odds..
Law student    
5 Dec 2016  #11

If you need help to legalize your stay in Poland, or get a PESEL number, please feel free to contact me by legalize your stay.

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