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Polish import taxes/fees - sending gift for a friend in Poland

Florida727 2 | 14
21 Dec 2010 #1
Sorry if this is in the wrong place I didn't know where to ask this.

I just sent a present to a friend of mine in poland (for Christmas). It was only $44 after shipping and handling.

My question is will there be an import tax or fee charged to my bank account when it arrives in Poland? It's shipping via FED EX.

The reason I'm concerned it I just spent a lot of money on gifts and I have run my account to nearly nothing. I'm worried I will get charged some tax or fee and overdraft on my account and be charged a crazy fee by my bank.

If anyone knows PLEASE let me know asap so I can avoid this.

Thanks : )

peterweg 36 | 2,316
21 Dec 2010 #2
Normally the person receiving it pays any additional taxes.
21 Dec 2010 #3
First question, how would they get your bank account details in Poland.

You are the sender NOT the receiver, it is the receiver ( end user) who imports and pays taxes
OP Florida727 2 | 14
21 Dec 2010 #4
Thanks so much. I understand now.

Since this is a gift to someone, do you think I should send them money to cover the tax? It seems unfair for someone to have to pay for a christmas gift they've received. Is this customary?
Kevin Manara
19 Nov 2015 #5
Merged: Sending a shoe gift package from Amazon into Poland

I want to send a gift to my Polish friend on her birthday from Amazon, and I want to ask how much is the customs tax and any other taxes when sending a shoe gift package? The value of the shoe is $75. Will my friend in Poland need to pay these taxes? Will the customs officers open the package to check it? I hope not, cause it is gift wrapped
Hung Tran
1 Apr 2016 #6
Merged: I need to send a gift to my friend in Poland. Can Amazon ship goods into Poland?


I'd like to send a gift to my friend in Poland (link below).

And his address is

Kujawska 24/8
30-042 Kraków

I don't know how to enter it properly in Amazon, especially the field State/Province/Region and Zip Code. Secondly, I don't want him to pay any tax for this gift but I don't know what taxation is in Poland. Anyone who has experienced with Amazon shipping please give me some advice. I'm really appreciate that.

P.s: If there is a local store in Poland that sells the keyboard, please suggest me. I'd like to make an order on this site. It'd be easier for delivery than Amazon.
Hellooo - | 28
1 Apr 2016 #7
I'm sorry but this item does not ship to Poland ,You can try to find in ebay
About the taxation try to buy from eu country exemple. from Uk or .....
4 Dec 2017 #8

Sending candy to Poland - is it allowed or not?

Hello, i was going to send a loved one some candy treats and stuff and i was wondering if that is allowed or not? And also, can anybody inform me as to the value of a package before it is taxed. thanks in advance.

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