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ImHarrykrish 4 | 12
27 Oct 2017 #1

I am planning to apply for schengen visa for one month at the Polish consulate in Mumbai, as I have a graduation event in my university. Do i need any Invitation letter or proof about this from my university? If yes, should I legalize this university invitation in Poland?

I'll also be visiting my girlfriend and her family for Christmas and New year celebrations during this time. So do i need any official invitation from their side?

Thank you!
DominicB - | 2707
27 Oct 2017 #2
I am planni

Universities do not issue official invitation letters for something like graduation events. At best, they will only confirm that such an event is taking place, and that you are a member of the graduating class. They will not write anything stating that your attendance is required. They can send you your diploma in the mail.

Your "girlfriend's" family is highly unlikely to go through the hassle and financial risk of getting an official invitation for you.

The consul is not stupid, and will see right away that the real reason you are coming to Poland is to stay and seek work. Since he cannot determine that you will return to your own country when the visa expires, he will probably deny your visa on those grounds. You cannot demonstrate that you have strong ties to your own country.

I think you are wasting your time and money. Work a few years in India to get experience, then apply for a job in the EU. Forget about the "girlfriend".
OP ImHarrykrish 4 | 12
27 Oct 2017 #3

That's what i meant, a normal invitation would suffice, which i will get by this week.

I don't think my gf's family or me will have problems regarding financial issues. ;) They would do anything for me to be there.

I would have extended my karta pobytu already during my time in Poland, if i wanted to seek a job there. I went to Poland only for my studies, and I'm booking for my return flight tickets. I have a few years experience so I have better offers back in my country which i don't want to miss.

I know whether to forget my gf or not (which i won't) ;) thanks for the suggestion by the way!

Do widzenia.

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