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How to legally do an agency contract in Poland?

NabaP 2 | 9
25 Oct 2017 #1
We are a firm (HR) based on North East Asia, (Malaysia)
We wanted to make a periodic dual cooperation contract with a firm (HR) based in Poland.
I wonder if anybody could suggest the right method to do a legal contract.
PS: We don't have any branches in Poland.
Please suggest!
DominicB - | 2,704
25 Oct 2017 #2

So you are asking for worthless free advice from a bunch of clueless clowns like me on some random internet forum, instead of paying for real-world expert advice?
OP NabaP 2 | 9
25 Oct 2017 #4
@ DominicB

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it!

I wanted to know if anybody has an experience or have some idea. Like: a contract must be verified with this govt office, a contract must be in dual language etc etc.(more about some basic regarding Polish practice) and doing this this will make a contract more legal and stronger..

After having some ideas I may get or approach real-world expert for funneling the exact need or diversifying the scope of having more ideas.. Not only for me it will be a helpful.. it may increase the knowledge of others.

And I don't think that you are a clown, you are an Expert on experience you have (having some idea also counts.. lol) , it is the different thing that you may be better in other things. But I am looking for a clue. I am sure that if somebody with some experience gives some input in this thread.. then you and I can be a more Expert in this matter in some time.

Thanks again. :)
DominicB - | 2,704
25 Oct 2017 #5

If anybody has an idea that is worth considering, you are going to have to pay for it. Free anonymous internet forums are a cesspools filled to the brim with worthless nonsense. You're wasting your time fishing for free legal advice here. Find a good attorney.
Atch 17 | 3,151
25 Oct 2017 #6
NabaP the problem is that even if you get some advice from a random stranger on the internet, it may not be accurate because laws and regulations undergo a lot of changes over time. If somebody set up their business three years ago for example, that's fairly recent but some details may have changed in that time. There is only one way to find the information you're looking for and that's through a consultation with an expert. I'm sure there are agencies/lawyers in Malaysia who specialize in international business law and who can advise on setting up a business linked to an EU country.
OP NabaP 2 | 9
25 Oct 2017 #7

Atch 17 | 3,151
25 Oct 2017 #8
Here you go:

Their services are free of charge. I'm sure that if you send them an email they can give you some basic advice and point in you the right direction.
OP NabaP 2 | 9
25 Oct 2017 #9

Are you reading my mind? I was going to ask you guys about investment basics in Poland... And you have already send some clue to me!

Appreciate it very much. Thank you.
Atch 17 | 3,151
25 Oct 2017 #10
You're welcome - good luck with it :)
OP NabaP 2 | 9
25 Oct 2017 #11

I have already send a email to that reference you have mentioned. Lets hope it will respond soon.
However, Does the polish community has "Polish Language for foreigner" classes?
If yes, can you please give me a reference.
Note. For foreigners who will be working in sectors that don't need much communication in polish language in first few weeks. It will be better if one can learn the local language for future.

I will let you know about the main title if I have got any specific idea.

Atch 17 | 3,151
25 Oct 2017 #12
"Polish Language for foreigner" classes?

Yes it does. I learned basic conversational Polish at one such place. It was a three week intensive course, five mornings per week. It was a very small class, only five of us, all different nationalities, French, Irish, American and Thai. At the end of the three weeks we had all reached a point of being able to communicate in Polish for everyday purposes. It was really good. The place I studied at was called IKO, The Institute of Polish for Foreigners in central Warsaw. All the teachers spoke very fluent English so they were able to explain grammar etc to us but mostly we did a lot of talking in Polish so I would highly reccommend it. I see that they are also offering one-to-one Skype lessons now.

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