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Can I legally buy a car with IDP in Poland?

rlindame 1 | -
22 Mar 2012 #1
I am Non- EU, living in Poland, I need a car as soon, i have no time for polish license procedures at the moment eventhough i am planning for it in the future. I have the International driving license based on country license (lebanon). Can i buy a car with it? i will be able to register it? it will be able to have the insurance? everything can goes legal?
Artur - | 13
27 Mar 2012 #2
A person with an international driving license issued to the national Lebanon driver's license can move through the territory of Poland in tourist traffic. The Lebanon international driving license is valid for the period for which the license was issued, but not later than the expiration date of the national Lebanon driving license.

You can buy a car. It shouldn't be a problem with the car registration if you have registered address in Poland. After this you can (OC insurance is a must) buy the insurance - everything legally.

Home / Law / Can I legally buy a car with IDP in Poland?
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