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What is the quickest and cheapest way to send money to a bank account in Poland?

24 May 2014 #31
Transfer24 is cheaper than Western Union. Fee is from 0.95f. Transfer of money is guaranteed until 24 hours.
3 Jul 2014 #32

Cheap money transfer to Poland

If you want to do fast and cheap international money transfer use best service for it - transfer go.
piotrUS - | 6
3 Jul 2014 #33
with xoom you can do everything online its cheap and takes about 3 days, you also have an option for same-day transfer for extra charge.

more convenient then western union.
18 Mar 2015 #34
Hi there,
I usually use Transfer Wise or Paysera for making quick transfers around Europe. The latter may be better in case you want to make a transfer to Poland. Depending on the bank it is possible to make a transfer for up to 1.50 PLN. To some banks it can be made for free. However, first you need to set up an account and there also is a small fee for depositing this account. Though in the end it is one of the cheapest options, to my knowledge. It takes up to 3 business days.
31 Mar 2015 #35
I think Transfer wise would be the best choice to transfer money. Rates are better than banks and transfer takes 2 to 3 working days (Some times even less!).

You can check on your own and then decide.
Below is the first free transfer link for you
27 May 2015 #36
transfergo ( in English for your choice) is not the bad way.
20 Feb 2018 #37
You can just use this: easysend .pl
Best way to transfer the money. The fastest way as well. Do it by clicking the link above to get first transfer for free.

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