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New law for foreigners : No longer any need to submit documents before expiration of Karta Pobytu?

Hyacinthus 1 | 20    
2 Aug 2014  #1

I haven't been in Poland in the past half a year and I've heard that there is new law for foreigners. Someone told me I don't need to submit documents as required 45 days before the expiration date of my old karta.

Does that mean I can enter territory Poland 10 days before the expiration date of my old karta and apply for a new one?

nope 1 | 41    
9 Sep 2015  #2

Try the official websites better. People say different things,I submited the documents last year and it was as before, 45 days before the expiration.
Polsyr 6 | 777    
9 Sep 2015  #3

I can confirm with 100% certainty that you can apply for renewal on the very last day of validity with the new law. But you need to call several weeks in advance to make an appointment (especially if you live in Warsaw).
11 Jun 2016  #4

Savvy analysis . Just to add my thoughts , if your company requires to merge two images , my colleague ran across announcement here
Becoming dad 1 | 10    
9 Feb 2018  #5


Can someone explain Poland's Directive 2004/38/EC

There are some confusing facts about this law or rule. Can anyone please emphasize on this please.
Atch 13 | 1,993    
9 Feb 2018  #6

What is it specifically that you're confused about?
10 Feb 2018  #7

The Nigerian refugee wants know that it's worth to come to Poland or not that's why he wants to know perhaps.
O WELL - | 76    
10 Feb 2018  #8

Here read it yourself:
Becoming dad 1 | 10    
10 Feb 2018  #9

Poland's Directive 2004/38/ECThere are some confusing facts

Basically I am not to claim this right but if my wife was in another country in the EU other than hers, then I'm the boss and I have a right.
O WELL - | 76    
10 Feb 2018  #10

Go to any immigration office and claim that you are the boss and you have right.
Becoming dad 1 | 10    
10 Feb 2018  #11

Only weak men try and bring other people down with words that have maybe brought other people down, their d1ck gets hard when they feel "in their head" that they are on top, a bully only on the keyboard. You can think or say or believe in that little brain of yours that I'm a refugee, you have that right but thank Jesus you ain't God cos I ain't no refugee and even if you met a refugee is the first thing you say to them. "haha you are a refugee"? You are a really weak and sad human.

Lmao first of all it's not an immigration office, it's an embassy or a consul and I only claim I'm the boss when I'm the boss
O WELL - | 76    
11 Feb 2018  #12

lol and second of all even better try being a BOSS in an embassy or consulate.I promise I will send you bail bondsman if in there jurisdiction.OH sorry I thought you were in Africa.
kaprys 1 | 910    
11 Feb 2018  #13

And you're the boss to who?
I haven't found the part of the directive that talks about being the boss?
What exactly don't you understand about the directive? What part?
mafketis 16 | 5,161    
11 Feb 2018  #14

try being a BOSS in an embassy or consulate

Consular employee: No, I'm sorry, but that won't be possible.
Becoming dad: _I'm_ the boss now.....
Consular employee: ...... (presses security button)
O WELL - | 76    
11 Feb 2018  #15

Final Outcome:Labelled security risk and added to no fly list.Long way to sail and drive to the EU

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