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Info for visa for Bangladesh people wanting to move to Poland

reza 1 | -
24 May 2011 #1
I'm from Bangladesh me and my wife want to go Poland of any type visa how could we go there please help me any one.
24 May 2011 #2
What do you have to offer in the way of skills?

Can you speak Polish?

Poland isn't some meal ticket. It most certainly isn't the land of milk and honey. There isn't the same social/welfare infrastructure in Poland as there is in the UK and many of the other EU countries that immigrants take advantage of.

So....start again......

I have the following skills and experience ....... Do you think these are the kind of skills that Poland can use?

Clearly communication skills are not a forte of yours!!!
LovePolska - | 8
24 May 2011 #3
I think that you became judgmental prematurely EdWilczynski, maybe the man needs to come to Poland with his wife for different reason than you think, maybe for medical reason or to visit a friend etc, I think we should show some kind of hospitality, not hostility first, and we can ask the man kindly for the reason of the visit so we can provide the advice.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
24 May 2011 #4
Any type visa very much suggests "want to come to Poland to work illegally'.
Sharfuddin - | 1
21 Feb 2018 #5

Need Poland's work permit (I am from Bangladesh)


I lived in Bangladesh and Need a job. general worker,fruit laid,seller,helper etc.

Please help me for work permit.


O WELL 1 | 156
21 Feb 2018 #6
There are lots of so called consultants in Warsaw who do this.I saw a banner hung on a fence in Heenka market in Nadarzin for 800 euros or so.Also google it and lots of them advertise on youtube also.

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