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Polish Citizenship for a foreigner whose parents was born in Poland

md85255 - | 1
2 Jan 2010 #61
My husband's grandparents were born in Lodz Poland but immigrated to USA prior to 1920, would he be able qualify for polish citizenship?
delphiandomine 83 | 18,109
2 Jan 2010 #62
Its not exactly a case of lugging it is now...besides, can a Pole hold a British passport and a Polish passport?

Yes, of course they can.

The list of visa restrictions is tiny - apart from the big one, the USA, there really isn't much difference. In fact, if you like to go to more obscure places, it can be argued that a Polish passport is much safer.

And it's far more convenient to carry around a small card in Europe than to have to look after a passport. As for identifying yourself in Europe, the ID card is far more convenient than having to take your passport everywhere.

Where? Why?

Plenty of hatred towards Britain in many parts of the world.

I can only but dream we will leave, but I think we all know this is never going to happen and even if we do, it wont make any difference, there are plenty of British companies around the world who have set up shop!

Well, having seen the way that the EU is policing the Eastern border, I wouldn't want to be stuck in the non-EU line. They are becoming *very* thorough in checking out non-EU citizens at passport control within Schengen - and I think most Brits would be utterly appalled to learn that they have to go through thorough checks just to go for a weekend to Paris.

Britain won't leave because she gains too much from it, no matter how people would like to twist it.
applemilk - | 1
19 Jan 2010 #63
Polish Citizenship

Hi. I'm wondering about polish citizenship.

All my grandparents were Polish (bar one babcia born in germany, potentially one dziadek in belarus, or some place else, due to border changes and such around the time of birth), but all lived in Poland for many years, before coming to England after World War 2.

My dad and mum were born here (manchester, england), and my dad is considering citizenship too. I was born here also.

Any pointers as to whether my dad and I would be eligible? My dad's only concern for me would be national service, but I've heard that is being faded out for 2010 (may or may not be true.)

Any advice on the matter? Dziękuje bardzo!
19 Jan 2010 #64
I'm sorry, but according to Polish law, in order to be naturalised as Polish citizen, one will have to renounce any other citizenship. Check it on Wikipedia under 'Polish nationality law'.
26 Mar 2010 #65
I am Brazilian and am interested in getting Polish citizenship.

Hello Milton,

I don't know how to help you with your problem, except to go to the Polish consulate to talk with them. They should be able to help you.

I am doing research on Polish people in South America....would you be willing to help me by answering some brief questions? I would be most grateful.

Thank you!
vailmij - | 1
13 Apr 2010 #66
Merged: Confirmation of Polish Citizenship- Born in USA, both parents are Polish

My girlfriend (Eva)'s parents are both Polish and moved to the US in the 1980s. They got married and she was born in the US. Eva plans to move with me to Krakow in September 2010, and is hoping to apply for Confirmation of Polish Citizenship so that she can stay as long as I will be there (about 2 years since I am studying at Jagiellonian University).

The main issue that comes up is whether she should apply now thru the Polish Consulate in New York, which apparently could take up to 18 months; or should she wait until she arrives in Poland and apply thru a government office there. According to what I have read, Americans are allowed to stay in Poland for 'travel/business' up to 90 days without a visa, so she would have until December 2010 to receive her citizenship without having to leave.

Does anybody have any recommendations as to how she should go about doing this? Thank you!
kath - | 2
22 Apr 2010 #67
Merged:I was not born in Poland, but my mother was. Can I obtain a Polish passport?

My mother was born in Poland and has a very old passport (when she was a child).
I was told that I can obtain a Polish passport on the basis of this ancestry even
though I was not born in Poland. How would I go about that? Thank you.
MyPolonia - | 13
22 Apr 2010 #68
Contact Polish embassy in your area for more information.
1jola 14 | 1,879
22 Apr 2010 #69
How old are you? It makes a difference.
1jola 14 | 1,879
22 Apr 2010 #71
Don't take my word for it as such matters are best heard from official sources(Polish Consulate in your country), but I think it is too late in your case with one Polish parent. I am basing my hunch on this:

In accordance with the Statute on Polish Citizenship, of 15 February 1962 with later amendments (final text of statute, Dziennik Ustaw - Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, No. 28, item 353, 2000)

"Article 4. A child acquires Polish citizenship by birth when:
1) both parents are Polish citizens or
delphiandomine 83 | 18,109
22 Apr 2010 #72
If you're 21 and your mother is no older than 60, you should be able to get it without much fuss :)
1jola 14 | 1,879
22 Apr 2010 #73
Would this be a question your mother would ask?

Q: I am a Polish citizen. My spouse is a US citizen. Our children are born in the US and are US citizens. Are they also Polish citizens?
YES. Children born from couples of mixed nationality lose their Polish citizenship only by parents' declaration made within three months from the child's birth.
Soul Singin - | 2
26 Apr 2010 #74
The trouble with applying in Poland is that she might have to deal with the "me-first" Polish bureaucracy. What the law says and what the bureaucrat says can be completely different. The bureaucrat may make outsize demands (e.g. renunciation of US citizenship, etc.) and/or seek a large bribe.

Ewa would be well advised to apply now through the Polish Consulate here in the US. While she waits, she can work here and save some money for her studies.
RobinK - | 1
9 May 2010 #75
Hi there,
I have been trying to gather exactly what is needed for my Mother in Law to Confrim her citizenship so that she can regain it and then my husband and sons can apply for theirs.

Is there a list? I have gotten so many different answers that my head is spinning!
Thank you
Robin K
Miami FL
1jola 14 | 1,879
9 May 2010 #76
So, you had called the Polish consulate and you didn't understand what they told you. Now, having failed to communicate with the experts on the matter, you have decided to contact the masses. I wouldn't do that, but that's just silly me.
LewisPilot2013 - | 4
27 Aug 2010 #77
I have a lot of experience in this filed as I have worked in the Consulate of Poland in the US.

I have a question for you...I am an American citizen, born in America, but my mother is still a Polish citizen and my father is an american citizen. This does make me a Polish citizen correct? If so, if I wanted to obtain a Polish passport, do I need to show confirmation of citizenship? My mother has her Polish passport...although it is expired. Is that enough proof?
banior - | 5
18 Sep 2010 #78
I suggest to apply now thru the Polish Consulate. After it she can hire some Polish lawyer who will help in speeding up the procedure.
citizen123 - | 10
24 Sep 2010 #79
Probably you have Polish citizenship because of your mother. It means that you have good reasons to apply for the certificate of Polish Citizenship (you have to get the document if you want to apply for a Polish passport). This procedure is called the confirmation of Polish Citizenship. It's formal process that requires submitting an application and other documents supporting your claim about Polish Citizenship. You can apply directly to the relevant Provincial Office in Poland (urzad wojewodzki). If you want to get much more information check this site: polish-citizenship. You can get there legal opinion about your eligibility - usually free of charge.
monika87 - | 55
25 Sep 2010 #80
Yes if one parent of you is full Polish and born there it should work easy and without a problem. But I read now within the course of three months from the day of the birth of the child?

Good look on your way to the Polish-citizenship kath
inka622 4 | 26
17 Oct 2010 #81
Merged: Polish citizenship for irish born (Polish father)

Can a child born in Ireland to an Irish mother and Polish father get citizenship in poland and/or a polish passport? Thanks for all your help.
Zed - | 195
17 Oct 2010 #82
IF the child's father has polish citizenship then, yes it is doable.
inka622 4 | 26
17 Oct 2010 #83
Thank you Zed. The childs father is 100% polish. His family still reside in Poland. He is living in Ireland.

Which one is do-able? The passport or citizenship? Or both?
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
17 Oct 2010 #84
Or both?


Even yourself as an E.U. citizen can live here in Poland.

I hope it works out for you, I read your other thread.
inka622 4 | 26
17 Oct 2010 #85
Even yourself as an E.U. citizen can live here in Poland.

I do not want to live in Poland or apply for a polish passport/citizenship for myself. But my son is half Polish and I was wondering what he could obtain as such.

I hope it works out for you, I read your other thread.

Things are still as bad with his father but I have given up trying to show him reason. I am caring for my son alone and I think that is the best way to have it.

However maybe in the future my son would like to be able to travel. I would like him to remain an Irish citizen but maybe he would like to change.

Thank you for your reply Sean BM.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
17 Oct 2010 #86
However maybe in the future my son would like to be able to travel.

Your son can have Irish and Polish citizenship and he can also hold two passports, Irish and Polish.

Let us know if you have any more questions you need answered.

Best of luck.
inka622 4 | 26
17 Oct 2010 #87
Thanks SeanBM. I appreciate your help.
Zed - | 195
17 Oct 2010 #88
The fact that the father is 100% polish is not important. What is important is whether he currently holds polish citizenship. If he does, the kid can get one as well. And a passport as well if it is desired.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
17 Oct 2010 #89
do u not need the father's signature on the application ?
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
17 Oct 2010 #90
No, when their son got a birth certificate, it should have been stated where the child's parents are from and a copy sent to the appropriate embassy to notify them (in this case the Polish embassy).

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