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Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen, invitation letter.

dany_moussalli 13 | 260
22 Jul 2013 #31
yes ,and i'm surprised that his English is that bad ,because he lives in Dubai ,an international city !!

please advise

يجب أن تسأل السفارة في بلدك = you must ask the Polish embassy in your country
Bassem - | 22
22 Jul 2013 #32
it should be easy if you have invitation letter from Polish organization.
15 Aug 2013 #33
what is the official invitation letter?
pistawala - | 1
28 Dec 2013 #34
Thankssss for sharing Belated but i wish you a happy anniversary
kuldip rai
9 Oct 2014 #35
i am kuldip
sir i want tp apply tourist visa for Poland i am an Indian. what document i need for that can i get this information ?and how much money i must show to embassy
Ronan Hookens
20 Oct 2014 #36
Hi I am looking at traveling and catching all the touristy places in Poland in terms of culture and history.How do I go about getting a visa ,I am an Indian residing in Bahrain
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
20 Oct 2014 #37
Embassy in Delhi info
(I assume this applies to you even if in Bahrain if you hold a passport issued by India)

28 Dec 2014 #38
currently going through a lot of soul searching at the moment after an Indian woman was brutally ganged raped so bad that she died from her injuries.

Dear Bieganski & Markta

Well its petty to hear this but would like to tell you happily married with Polish Female from Last 8 years!

Actually not happy, living wonderful life,its not the caste or country what actually matters is people. Who says all polish are helpful or truthful or so called faithful, so don't raise any finger one single judgement.Still no grudges i love Poland as im part of this place and many goddam friends who cant even speak English but still i love them cause they are my good friends. Even my wife's family loves me like anything and we visit India once in year!

And yes would like to tell you that me and my wife fell in love with each other just because we loved the culture of others (not for nationality cause i was having the option to settle with PR in Canada) but i choose Poland cause i love her, can't see her away from me and she cant leave her parents here alone!

Request you all guys dont divert from topic up there, life is to small for blame games!

Tell others the procedure of invitation-which was our topic hehe :-D

TC love all...

Indian with polish nationality.
24 Apr 2015 #39
Hi Primaverka84,

My girlfriend is Polish and I'm Indian. I got two refusals over last month for my tourist visa application from Polish embassy in India stating the reason that my intention to come back on time couldn't be ascertained.

It was just an personal invitation (NOT official one from Voivodoship Office, as this was enough when I'm bearing all my financials) that I attached with my application. And also, I told consular that we're just friends and want to travel together and met on a social site 1.5 years back. We kept Czech and Poland in our itinerary and in Poland I was intending to stay at her place with her family.

Do you think that this official invitation can help me now? Can this invitation gives a guarantee to consulate officer that I'll be back by time?
24 Apr 2015 #40
Do you think that this official invitation can help me now?

Not really.

Can this invitation gives a guarantee to consulate officer that I'll be back by time?

24 Apr 2015 #41
Thanks for reply Harry.

Any other way? Will it be certain if I cancel my plan now and apply after 6-7 months (but with no change in my situation)?
DominicB - | 2,704
24 Apr 2015 #42
No. It's pretty much a lost cause. Scratch Poland off the list of countries you will visit in your lifetime. And the term for a guy who has a "girlfriend" that he met on the internet and not in real life is "wanka". Grow up, kid. You're making yourself look ridiculous, and no consul or anyone else is going to take you seriously.
teargas - | 71
26 Apr 2015 #43
We kept Czech and Poland in our itinerary and in Poland I was intending to stay at her place with her family.

Unfortunately, "met on an internet site" will set off huge alarm bells. It's absolutely not a surprise that you were refused, as any consular officer would suspect that you would simply vanish once you gain entry into Schengen. It would also be strange for a random Indian to stay with a Polish family with no relationship there.

By the way, visa refusals are now stored on a common Schengen-wide database. I would strongly, strongly advise against applying for a Schengen visa in the future unless you have absolutely solid reasons. For instance, if you plan a two week trip and include hotel reservations for each night, then it'll be fine. But again, you need to credible, as it would be nonsense for an Indian to plan a 2 week holiday in some Polish town in the middle of nowhere.

Can this invitation gives a guarantee to consulate officer that I'll be back by time?

No, not now that you've been refused. If you had the official invitation originally, then it probably would've been fine. At least in Poland, the official invitation requires the hosting party to take full financial responsibility for you, including paying a monumental fine if you overstay.
13 Jun 2015 #44
Anybody out there in this forum could help me? I need to invite my Indian boyfriend.
I want to help him with his visa. Can someone help me with this invitation thing?

my email:
Looker - | 1,043
13 Jun 2015 #45
I assume you are a Poland's citizen? So I'll give you link in the Polish language:
nnaataaliee - | 1
13 Jun 2015 #46
thanks! I am from Poland and I would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind.
Looker - | 1,043
14 Jun 2015 #47
Go ahead, I'm not an expert, but maybe could help you somehow ;)
kenu73 - | 2
17 Jun 2015 #48
Merged: Polish visa for an Indian

Hello people!
I need a help! I am in a very complex situation i want to visit Poland for precisely 10 days!the purpose is to visit a friend from Polish origin and I am a student here in India! Pursuing engineering and has got a one full year left for the degree completion!! I would be getting the Polish invitation i mean the official government attested! Once i get that! Can any one suggest me whether that could really help me in getting visa or not?

Even any Indian who has been to Poland to meet some one Polish could be of great help!!!
8 Oct 2015 #49
The person was asking about visa information not about relationship advice.
18 Oct 2015 #50
Hi my name is tausif. I'm from India. I work on international cruise ship I met my girlfriend on ship. we been together for two years now. She is polish. Now we decided to live together. I don't have any idea how to make it work as Indian has long procedure to follow. When she came to india she didn't had to do much for visa and all. It was very easy for her.... after our next contract we want to visit her country Poland n stay with her family. I don't know how to make it happen. Please someone guide me and help me with their ideas.
Moje ciastka
6 Nov 2016 #51
I read all your story and got much information, thanks. I am wondering did your bf showed any more evidences, proofs(social site conversations,greetings etc.) that shown your friendship? I will also apply for visa to getting my hun soon. Waiting for your reply.
imrangalaxynote - | 1
15 Jun 2017 #52
Im an Indian living in Mauritius as im married to a Mauritiun, i have a business meeting for a week in Warsaw Poland, as they are one of our company suppliers, im not able to find the consulate in Mauritius, please suggest.
16 Aug 2017 #53
i am an indian girl married to polish guy .How i can get visa to poland and what are necessary steps i have to take for getting visit family/friends visa? what are the documents needed ?
30 Aug 2017 #54
My girl is sending me an invitation from poland. What all do i need to apply for visa apart from the invitaion? Do i need to keep some security amount in my bank to show them as well? And if they want to see previous 6 months bank there any necessary minimum transaction?
DominicB - | 2,704
30 Aug 2017 #55

There are five things they want to be sure of, 100%:

1) you are not a criminal or terrorist;

2) you have enough means to support yourself WITHOUT WORKING during your stay in Poland.

3) you have a legitimate and plausible reason to visit the country.

4) you will abide by all the conditions of the visa, to the letter,especially the part about NOT WORKING.

and, most importantly,

5) you have plenty very good reasons to return to your home country when your visa expires.

Most visas are denied for reason number 5, and also because they suspect the applicant is going to seek work. If you don't have very strong ties to your homeland and good reasons to return, or if you intend to work in Poland, then an invitation letter is not going to help much, if at all.
20 Oct 2017 #56
Hello martka

Am sorry to hear that, Am sure you fell into the wrong hands, but its not the same with everyone.

Am an Indian, in love with a Polish girl since 2years, I visited her last year in Dec soon after I left in Jan, she wakes up one day and decides to come to India, she was here in May with Me and my family for a month, And am visiting her again in Dec this year. I speak few words in Polish, she speaks few words in My language, am a vegetarian and she turned Vegan. She is ready to leave everything behind for Me and am ready to do soo too. I have lived all my life in India and I was never a traveler and never traveled alone, but It changed after meeting her. If I cant move to Poland for any reason, she is ready to Move to India. But I dont want her to move to India as she is allergic to few spices and weather conditions here. So we are finding a place not in India not in Poland but anywhere in this world where we can live happily together. Money, Cultural differences, Religion nothing matters between us and we never spoke of any documents till date. A Nation cannot be judged by few people, a Person cannot be judged by his Nation. It all depends on the individuals and their values.

I wish you good luck in finding your true love.....TC
ImHarrykrish 3 | 12
24 Oct 2017 #57


I was a student in one of the technical universities in Poland. I came back to my country (India) without extending my residence card there.

Now, i'm planning to visit Poland to receive my Diploma (Degree) and spend Christmas, new year time with my girlfriend and come back to India.


1. What type of schengen visa do i need to apply? (Tourist/Others)

2. What are the documents do i need to submit? (Do i need some invitation or proof from my gf?)

3. Do i need to book or reserve the flight tickets?

Thank you!

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