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Looking for Chrabaszewski Relatives in Poland
Polish blonde and a British pensioner. No fool like an old fool, or is it love.   2
Hi Guys Iam British And i am went out a polish girl twice
28 - Easy, just show her this thread! She'll be all yours!...

Lovemero1900krakowiak - 15 Apr 2010
Closed: Polish and Irish should love each other   2   3
Will my friend have to pay back half the loan his ex-wife took out in Poland?
22 - Yes + No = Crisis...

LawKarl1983richasis - 15 Apr 2010
Niewazny paszport i brak dowodu - czy przepuszcza mnie na lotnisku?
Will todays tragedy effect the economy of Poland?   2
American (former polish left when I was 2) seeling inheritance in Poland
ways to block someone on gadu gadu
20 - how do i join a chat room, please?...

Lifeblackpool_uklumondez - 14 Apr 2010
A few questions for regarding EU and Poland - worker registration
I'm interested in teaching in Poland and I need some help.
traditional breakfasts in Poland   2   3
New Polish president and Russian/American relations   2
38 - like throwing the pilot under the bus heh, sorry not funny....

NewsPolskiej_Dumyczar - 14 Apr 2010
No idea of grandparents history before they left Horyniec, Poland
3G availability with iPhone in Poland ?
Where is 'the first contact with the ground' of the Polish Airforce One
Oils and fats in Polish foods
The Glory of Poland, NYT 12th April 2010
13 - But life goes on. The irony of it all......

NewsTorqrichasis - 13 Apr 2010
Looking for my Polish family (Wieruszow area)
7 - Quels sont les surnoms? (What are the surnames?)...

GenealogyConty APolonius3 - 12 Apr 2010
Finding my Famliy, Kaliszewski
3 - KALISZEWSKI: possibly topo nick from the town fo Kalisz...

Genealogy2221mPolonius3 - 12 Apr 2010
Polish Community in Atlanta?
Szydelko, Pater - Lost Relatives
Looking for Woleski or Wolenski
5 days in Poland
Nazywam się Jade i mieszkam w Anglii.   2
Getting the wrong ending of a word - do polish still understand?
Selling apartment in Warsaw - puzzeller buy one, two, or?
3 - apologizes and deep condolances...

Real Estatepacmanoverpacmanover - 10 Apr 2010
Polish Language in Lates 1800's
Last name Poludnianyk