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Early begginings of `democracy` and Polish contribution to it
6 - yes but only szlachta was a nation......

HistoryCrowjeden - 20 Feb 2010
Coming back to Polish language studies
Mortgages for apartments in Poland - what currency?
"Poles want cut on foreign workers" - (in Poland obviously)   2
Old "Polish" Phrases used by family (in US)
Apartments too expensive for Poles living in Poland   2
Feeling ashamed of my Polish heritage.   2   3   4   5   6
Most common ancestries in the USA   2
56 - what is American? Native American?...

USA, Canadamatteroftasteshewolf - 20 Feb 2010
Polish woman in the UK gives birth then leaves the baby in hospital
The Pole is happy when someone else cries...   2
Should Poles be polish?   2
BMW Poznan cutomer service is surprisingly good!
Internet without TPSA (The Telecommunication of Poland Corporation)
Moving to Krakow from London, worrying about finding a job
A Portuguese student wants to study in Poland
10 - hey guys ,in Wrocław you can get room in Centrum by 400 pln...

StudyPiaesdarkthejesus - 18 Feb 2010
Count Lubieniecki the killer - have you seen that yet?
5 - Respect....

HistoryKsysiajeden - 18 Feb 2010
GDP or GDP per capita - what's more accurate number in Poland?
How it works receiving a package from US for all of us who aren't residents
Do Polish employers regularly fire pregnant workers?
Polish Festivals/Exhibitions/Events in UK   2   3   4
Have just moved to Warsaw and need some job advice...
Does it make sense to move from the UK to Wroclaw for this salary?   2
50 - this is very good salary...

WorkKiltmakereasybabe - 18 Feb 2010
Have been offered a job in Warsaw - should I move to Poland??   2
Belgian applying for a financial job in Poland with question
Poland is headhunting seriously in IT, Finance and HR.   2
Polish translation Masters in Europe
27 - Translators are many now here in Poland...

WorkDzioobekjeetan - 18 Feb 2010
Any good website for an English native looking for a job in Poland?
9 - try or

WorkLouis001easybabe - 18 Feb 2010
Work/Trade Unions in UK - thinking about joining one
International Political Parties (Poland and EU)