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Polish relationships (race and religion)

southern 75 | 7,096
18 Nov 2010 #61
I care about race.The current crisis is due to certain extent the result of the growing influence of thirld worldlers.
twe - | 6
18 Nov 2010 #62
There are far greater problems to deal with.
Stu 12 | 522
18 Nov 2010 #63
This thread was about a young Korean woman. Like Korea is a

thirld worldlers

... :-S ??!!

And ... what crisis are you talking about, southern?!

Get a life, moron.
nunczka 8 | 458
18 Nov 2010 #64
Congratulations £ódka. Western men (or most of men in general?)seem to like Asian girls...what are they doing better?

I disagree with you Eurola.. Look around and see just how many men go for Asian women. YUCK! Give me a good Caucasian woman anytime.
twe - | 6
18 Nov 2010 #65
We are all born on one Planet.
Stu 12 | 522
18 Nov 2010 #66
I agree with you, twe, as long as everyone who lives in a host country, respects the local laws (well, natives have to keep themselves to the law as well, don't they ... ;)).

But the thread was about a lovely, young Korean lady with whom Lodz_The_Boat is very happy. Good for him. I truly applaud his decision and his determination to make himself and his wife happy. If only there would be more of him.
twe - | 6
18 Nov 2010 #67
A quote from the initial thread.....

Polish men going for UK girls, Irish girls, Asian girls ... why and how and should they or shouldnt they? .

Also the responses to the initial thread ;)

Just sticking with the topic.

And yes I wish the boat all the best.
OP Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
18 Nov 2010 #68
We are all born on one Planet

True ...

A quote from the initial thread....

True again ... infact this thread was written when I browsed PF after a long time, and found heated topics again on the same issue ... issue about Polish women going after foreign men and how bad it is and how intolerable ... etc.

Infact there are very few foreigners in Poland. When they come here, those who are educated and have a good personality generally attract good friends and even female friends. Among so many females in our country, they get close to one, and eventually they decide that they can be with each other for a life time. Where is the "out of the world" picture here? Isnt it just very common and simple?

For my case, I met the girl in an academic atmosphere, we were friends, eventually we married after a considerable wait due to both our parents (as I wanted to involve our parents, and she agreed).

THIS TOPIC CAME AS MY MEMORIES about the forum was refreshed from the same topic taking the frontline of every discussion. When I first started posting in PF in its initial days, there was a HUGE HUGE topic ... about interracial relations in Poland becoming more and more. The topic raced 10 pages a day ... and headed to become the longest ever, till it had to be closed by the Administrator for being racially ferocious due to some really undesirable skinhead posters everywhere. Since then similar topics kept on coming, and even after so many years, this seems to remain the primary obsession here!

Why is it wrong to be in love? ... Why should someone make walls?... SO WHAT? ... I never felt one bit threatened by some of my very good and respectable Polish friends (from school or university) to go and find a life with a man from another race or culture! It infact looked quite awesome and enchanted. There seemed to be a timeless feel about it. I've seen that among those who get angry are men and women who never got a chance to live such a beautifully decorated life ...

But Poland has very very very less immigrants of color! Infact we have the least in all of Europe I think. We like to welcome them ... and there is only RIGHT about it!

I have seen many relationships of my friends ... families ... and in all including my own relationship, I saw just 8 Polish girl and Eastern men, and 5 Polish men and Asian women relationships ... and till now (interestingly) all of them are considerably successful. Mostly among friends and classmates. Remaining story when you look around is still the same! ... Still the insecure is itchy!

Now lets come to same color ... Americans, Canadians, other European whites ... they are not always the most welcome either for some groups of insecure people. Then many small segments of racial purity of segmentation comes in. All baseless and counter-effective things that Poland itself escaped in the times of WW2.


The percentage of western women going for darker men compared to western men going for Asian female is still wayyyyy higher. So maybe you can ask the same question to the modern western girl?

As for the other way to look at it... Asian girls are not so free as the western girl to go and take what her heart truly wants. They are not so much liberated, and they wish to have a life which is assured in its security. Marriage is not just a ritual but something that must not fail. In our countries, the tradition of marriage is eroding at such pace that it can be said that this tradition is almost crawling for its survival. Lets face the facts with a cold heart... nothing to do!

The simplest thing would be that for a western girl its alot more easy to go to someone she finds more fulfilling for her DUE TO ANY REASON SHE CONSIDERS ... but its not the same for an eastern girl.

I've had a friend who loved an Asian girl, but never could marry. He even shed tears with me, and now is married to a Pole. We never talk about it, but I know him well - it will remain an unerasable mark on his heart forever...


Its around us ... we just need to look.
jarnowa 4 | 499
18 Nov 2010 #69
Jarnowa, you are the biggest idiot on this forum by far.

another one getting personal because he doesn't have arguments.

i've told my story, the only reason i came here was because of my (now ex) Polish gf.

Do you have a shred of evidence for your claims that people of mixed race are less intelligent? Can't you see that YOU yourself are proving your own theory wrong?!

It has been proven that big intelligence differences exist between the 3 main races.
Before talking crap again, you better check the facts first.
southern 75 | 7,096
18 Nov 2010 #70
I see solution only in Balkan power.
jarnowa 4 | 499
19 Nov 2010 #71
Infact there are very few foreigners in Poland. When they come here, those who are educated and have a good personality

What do you know about their personality? All races have good and bad people, but if we have to believe you, all 3rd worldlers coming to Poland have, for some mysterious reason, a "good personality", despite quite a few examples of the oppositie. Who exactly are you trying to fool?

Why is it wrong to be in love? ...

It isn't wrong if a nonwhite male desires a white woman, it's understandable.
What's wrong is nonwhite males travelling to white countries to actually try their luck with white women.

That's where they cross the line. Because they obviously decrease the chances of single white men to find their dream woman.

Sorry i'll have to tell a peaceful guy like you that you should be ashamed, as you sadly enough don't care to sacrifice white men's happiness for the benefit of nonwhite males.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
19 Nov 2010 #72
jarnowa, cos im black, do u think i have no right trying to date a white biatch?
trener zolwia 1 | 939
19 Nov 2010 #74
jarnowa, cos im black, do u think i have no right trying to date a white biatch?

You date girls?
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
19 Nov 2010 #75
What's wrong is nonwhite males travelling to white countries to actually try their luck with white women.

some are scammers, but its amazing to me how many websites advertise european
girls wanting to get married.. so what you need to do is move a little faster then the
other guy and you shouldnt have any problems...

as for lodz.....

congrats my sweet brother, I wish you both happiness and all the best in your future

at this point nothing else matters, all the opinions on here are just that, people
can be terrible and forget how to talk to other humans.. dont pay any attention
to them.. just focus on your dreams and happiness.. thats more important!!

love to ya brother :)
OP Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
19 Nov 2010 #76
as for lodz.....

Ya Patty ... I'm not new here I know whats going on =D ... it used to be always like this isn't it? ... Its not the place to get motivation or solutions ... its just a place to discuss really ... sometimes you find good people, other times people mostly who will never vent out whats going on their heart in public (sometimes dark things). Thanks for your wishes Patty.

if we have to believe you, all 3rd worldlers coming to Poland have, for some mysterious reason, a "good personality"

I didn't say any such thing. Read again if you wanna, its clearly written that "THOSE WHO I MET ... were educated and of good personality" ... infact in a previous post in this same thread I mentioned how I never became friendly to many foreigners as our mentalities didn't match, I used to remain away from them.

Every nation have the good and bad ... so it our responsibility as humans to know the person's basic beliefs ... atleast their treatment of the next person ... before being friendly to them or actually sitting with them.

You know, when we have a heart which thinks of love and compassion, it somehow "mysteriously" drives us towards good things and good people. Then our experiences are good. It also makes the inner-self strong enough to pity those who misuse their opportunities to be happy in life ... rather than be angry on them.

Plus, there is no 3rd or second world Jarnowa ... we live in one world.

As for your stress ... I would like to tell you that nothing wrong is happening and you are not loosing your fare chances. The world is huge, and also there are many Europeans left single and lonely. Don't give yourself unnecessary pain through suffering from internal conflict in the main ... be well adjusted to your environment ... have a strong self esteem! Be happy.
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Nov 2010 #77
I mentioned how I never became friendly to many foreigners as our mentalities didn't match, I used to remain away from them.

Why do I suspect that the unfortunate you remained away from were white Europeans?
Ashleys mind 3 | 455
19 Nov 2010 #78
Be happy

That's it! I'm going to Korea!

[I like your style Boat man ;)]
OP Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
19 Nov 2010 #79
=D ... you can go anywhere your heart takes you. No destination gives love ... no geography, no science, no calculation ... you can find your man in your neighborhood, or he can come from a million acres away ... he can be your childhood best friend, or he can be a person you once didnt like to see the face of! He can be of any race or any religion ... give your heart a chance to beat freely ... there is nothing more free and high than that. No stimulant, no breeze, no other moment can get a person higher then letting themselves free of walls and doubts and distortions created by the mechanical and material world ... and walking into the mystic yet simple and real world of true love.

I have seen Polish women with Easterners ... I dont yet know anyone with a South East or East Asian man. The ones I saw were with Eurasian men (Persia, India or Egypt etc).

Anyways ... good luck to you and your life ... just remember that there is no formula ... but just to rise above formulas =)
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
19 Nov 2010 #80
[I like your style Boat man ;)]

Me too! the next few days... lol
No formula it is :)
Ashleys mind 3 | 455
19 Nov 2010 #81
=D ... you can go anywhere your heart takes you.

You're not by any chance related to John Lennon... ;)

I like to think I have a free mind, a free heart is one that i'm struggling with... despite what En Vogue said. ;p
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Nov 2010 #82
were with Eurasian men (Persia, India or Egypt etc

They are called Arabs and Indians,pakis or brown in general.I have seen polish women with Blacks.(Nigerians,Kongolese or euroafricans if you prefer to call them like that).
asik 2 | 220
19 Nov 2010 #83
I mean the man was an American and the girl Polish ...the girl was not the most attractive Pole ... but they looked happy

Are you saying, that only beautiful looking Polish girls deserve to be loved by Americans, what thaa?????
What wrong with you man?
You are so excited because "the "American couple are looking for any kind of mixed couples", LoL -I can tell you it sounds wierd and just wonder how did you find out "they were highly intellectual" - I can't believe it .

I wish you all the best with your Korean wife but only time will tell how it goes and
"nie chwal dnia przed zachodem slońca" because you are on a long long way before you can discover if such marriage (with mixed race and culture) really works.

Especially wait when you have children because it'll tell how well organised and understanding you are as a couple, mixed culture couple.
Also regarding in-laws, my private opinion is: if you don't want to destroy your marriage , you shouldn't mix with your in-laws (both of you) , love them but keep distance from each other.

I wouldn't recommend (as you do) to anyone to fall in love with a foreigner. Sometimes you have a choice - sometimes you can do nothing about it but try to avoid this as much as possible.

Life is hard as it is these days and to add cultural differences in marriage, it's often too much and these couples are separating much often in compere to other couples; but only their kids pay the price.

Within my circle of friends we've got a couple his Polish, she's Japanese and after 8 yrs, plus two children they are divorcing. What a shame and no-one could believe, she has a lover, an ugly monster but with much more money then her husband.

That's what counts for Asians, that is the reason their parents always keep close eye on their married offsprings. They would even recommend to split if their husbands not earning well.

I could always see how different they both were , you could always feel the coldness from her. Yeah of course she's still beautiful, that's the fact and the only thing which mattered for the guy from the start. Maybe that's his lesson in life.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
19 Nov 2010 #84
Wow asik - so judgmental because of a few bad apples in your neighborhood?? You'll find rotten people in each in every nationality and race. It's so cliché to say but it's about the inner beauty and not just where a person is from or whether he or she is white or black, or pink...

I travel all over the world, primarily in Asia but also elsewhere, and there are so many good people out there. It's sad that people still have your attitude (no offense meant). It's sad because it's almost as if you decided to become colorblind by choice. It's hard to fully appreciate a rainbow when you chose to filter out some colors from your view. Can't explain it very well but I find it so sad someone would think the way you do.
Softsong 5 | 495
19 Nov 2010 #85
Yes, my ex-brother-in-law remarried and she is a Korean lady. Best thing that ever happened to him and the whole family loves her. She helped care for his aged parents just like they were her own.
asik 2 | 220
19 Nov 2010 #86
Wow asik - so judgmental

It's forum and I'm not judgmental it's just how I see things and what I know.
Is something wrong with it?? I don't expect you agree with me.
Why some people are always so unhappy when one has completely different opinion.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
19 Nov 2010 #87
That's fair enough. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

I firmly believe that £ódz made the right choice by following his heart. Happiness is the key to a good life, a life side-by-side a loved one only accentuates this happiness which is never bound by nationality or race.

At the same token I do respect your point of view, I simply disagree with it.
OP Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
19 Nov 2010 #88
related to John Lennon

No I'm not ... ofcourse.

Infact John Lennon has many other ideologies, I am not in accordance with all his sentiments. I pay special attention to my responsibilities towards my family, friends and society. I trust that there is always room for improvement, and that cannot always come out of rebellion, but from sincere commitment and education through logic.

Also, with all respect to Mr. Lennon, I know very less about him.

They are called Arabs

Persians like to call themselves Iranians or Persians. They do not like to call themselves Arab. This is what I have learnt through them. As for your other remark of Eurafricans ... infact I meant the Egyptian, Algerian or Moroccan. However, Nigerian or any other name you mentioned can have their share of good men and women. Unfortunately I did not meet couples consisting of them. But that doesnt mean there they do not exist ... afterall I am an individual with limits to knowledge and in a certain sphere. I cannot know everyone, or be at every place. Although to my good fortune I have been in many more places then many people, and met some wonderful human kinds.

Are you saying

You misinterpret me asik.

What I meant with the American couple was simply a coincidence where I met them. The woman was an average looking Pole, and they seemed to be in love. The couple had decent knowledge about history and destinations, had great discipline as well as decency - such qualifications for me are enough to say that those people have intellectual capabilities. I do not consider the debaters or arguers as necessarily intellectual.

I did not hint anywhere that only the most attractive Pole was to go with an American. Do not recreate situations in such a wild haste.

my private opinion is: if you don't want to destroy your marriage , you shouldn't mix with your in-laws

With all respect to your own skills and opinions ... I firmly disagree there.

It is not as though one must sit on the in-laws laps or stay with them 24/7, however being respectful must apply. I waited along with my better half for a considerable period to convince our respected families towards our decision. Both of us have warm families and we are respectful as well as aware of their sentiments.

The world is changing, and there is no meaning to push your old loved ones away. The best thing would be to convince them of a changing world, and the value of love in it. The educate them is also a great service to them. There is nothing more ignorant than to give up to ignorance.

I wouldn't recommend

I would recommend the subject to be in accordance with logic, love and joy. There is no reason a person should let oneself be bondage to skepticism and sadism. The world have garbage in it, which certainly needs alot to be taken care of (and I believe it will be). However, the flowers of this beautiful world are much more overwhelmingly fragrant and beautiful. No one should deny themselves of its beauty and promise.

and after 8 yrs

These days many more marriages in Poland last not more than a year or two. I am not saying that this is the rule of thumb ... because there are almost never any.

I have seen among my friends some of the warmest relationships. I have seen men treat women like as though they were not humans but fairies ... and this goes for the Polish man or any other foreign man towards their Polish wife or foreign wife.

A person need to be in balance with themselves, and choose according to a clean and potent heart. If you are firm and true, your choices might end up as reflections to your soul. Be the bearer of a good and refreshing soul.

About my married life ... it is something I know we must always be actively aware of. One always need to be aware of all their relationship. I have belief and I am in peace. I do not want to say anymore from here about my own. I am satisfied.

a free heart is one that i'm struggling with

A key is to smile ... and to allow being treated well with respect and affection. Heart is receptive to love.
Teffle 22 | 1,321
19 Nov 2010 #89
John Lennon

Lennon by the way, although very talented musically, was quite hyprocrital in terms of all his imagine/hippy stuff.

He was a bad tempered, bitter and often nasty & cruel individual by most accounts.
asik 2 | 220
19 Nov 2010 #90
It is not as though one must sit on the in-laws laps or stay with them 24/7, however being respectful must apply.

I wrote "love them..."
I didn't suggest not to love them or to ignore them or not to care.

There is no reason a person should let oneself be bondage to skepticism and sadism.

You sound "high"; Life is beautiful, isn't it :)

About my married life ... it is something I know we must always be actively aware of.

It's good you are aware.
As I said before , I really wish you well and I'm not saying I'm against such marriages, just that these mixed marriages are in reality much harder to maintain then the ones within the same or similar culture . Some people don't realise there are this additional barriers and that's the reason I wouldn't recommend mixed marriages and it doesn't matter from what country the partner is from.

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