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Polish MD degree; is it the same as MMed?
Qualifications - Mgr Title on my business card?
Interactive German-Polish Map
What is the most developed Science Technology in Poland?
Does the government regularly monitor people's bank accounts in Poland?
20 - and also WBK...

LifewildroverAjb - 7 Apr 2010
english classes in polish? (college)
Iphone blocked in England. Would it work in Poland?
DVB-T in Krakow
Moving To Krakow, looking for hidden gems
Should Poland made an energy bridge deal with Russia?   2   3   4
Closed: Krakow a safe and friendly city for foreigners? Read this!   2   3   4   5   6
Jagiełło's blunder or design?
Are Educational Documents from 3rd World Immigrants Scrutinised?
Polish resistance group under II World war in Denmark
19 - YES I AM!...

HistoryJolaMr Grunwald - 5 Apr 2010
Sikorski or Komorowski for president?   2
Polish poem suggestions to get my girl back
Battle of Arnhem 64th Aniversay - Polish Paratroopers
10 - Perhaps the threads should be merged....

HistoryPhil33101jonni - 4 Apr 2010
Polish cigarettes to the USA as a gift sent from Poland?
Polish v Western farm produce?
Cheesecake sernik for Polish Easter?
Piłsudski, like Hitler and Stalin (according to some Lithuanians)   2   3   4
Can Poland expect similar bomb attacks as in Moscow?   2   3
I suggest a new location on the map for Poland!   2
Cabbage In Tomato Sauce (Polish dish) - bigos?
Polish "Mall Girl" Culture?   2   3   4   5
How could I change her opinion about me?   2
60 - I say lol, those threads are giving me ulcers lol...

LoveVaweryaphrodisiac - 3 Apr 2010
Lord Conway's rule and Poland in 1772   2
Chinese, UK visa holder can visit Poland without visa?
Closed: Why some travelers hate Poland?   2