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Dinner place suggestion in Krakow

9 May 2010 #1
If you had time for only one dinner in Krakow, where would you go?
BLS 65 | 188
9 May 2010 #2
I recently enjoyed a wonderful meal at C.K. Browar near Teatr Bagatela. Many of my colleagues are surprised by this, but it was absolutely the best restaurant meal I have had in my two years in Kraków. The wheat beer, however, was not very tasty.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
9 May 2010 #3
Here is a review about a restaurant called Scandale Royal----" We spent an evening few days ago and the food was delicious!! starter, main course, and dessert... we were enchanted! After a dinner we sat down by the bar to order a drink, we decided to try something new and asked a bartender what he recommends. How surprised we were, when he started to ask what we like and then he made a drink that was exactly as we wanted!!!!! I would recommed this place to all! " Looks like a place that may be worth a try.
SeanBM 35 | 5,792
9 May 2010 #4
I recommend Ariel (Jewish restaurant) they often have live Jewish music, simply great!
polkamaniac 1 | 482
10 May 2010 #5
here's one with an Italian theme-Amarone restaurant-Pod Roza Hotel, Ulica Florianska, 14, Krakow, 31-021, Krakow
Donal says:
“ The main entrance to this restaurant is in a little side street off the Ulica Florianska but you can also enter through the Hotel Pod Roza, of which it is part. The food is Italian and extremely well done and the restaurant itself is comfortable, light and airy. Highly recommended. ” Looks like he knows what he's talking about.
Moonlighting 31 | 234
14 May 2010 #6
SeanBM, I was thinking for a long time that I should try one of those Jewish restaurants in Kazimierz, and wondered about Ariel. If you recommend it, I'll give it a try. Actually I went once to Szara Kazimierz right on the opposite side of Ariel, but haven't had anything typical Jewish there, though it was good.

CK Browar near Bagatela? Never paid attention, but I'll give it a try as well.

And to original poster, I also recommend Miód Malina, in ul. Grodzka, on the corner of Grodzka and a small street where there is also an excellent corsican restaurant.
SeanBM 35 | 5,792
14 May 2010 #7
Take a look at the menu and I recommend see the live music.

Every evening we have the concerts with tipical Jewish and Galician music.

And there's a great bar scene afterwards in Plac Nowa just a 4 minute walk away.

Johnny_Trotter - | 5
14 May 2010 #8
on the corner of Grodzka and a small street where there is also an excellent corsican restaurant

Ulica Poselska... The Corsican restaurant is called Paese.

There is also Trzy Papricki on Ul. Poselska which has some very good pizzas. I would also recommend Miód Malina.

And just opposite Miód Malina on Grodzka, you have Batalon (a Hungarian restaurant which has great goulash) and Pod Aniołem, which has good Polish food.

So, plenty of good reastaurants in a small area there...
OP soicc
14 May 2010 #9
Thanks for the recommendations; tough decision,
SeanBM 35 | 5,792
14 May 2010 #10
I recommend Ariel (

(Cons)With Ariel, it is pricey.
(Pros) the inside is small but cosy, the Jewish music is great along with the food and it's location next to the night-life.

Another two places, but they are not in Krakow centre but I just thought of are:

Number one and my favourite restaurant to eat in is Niepolomice Castle

I posted some photos here

(cons) it is 25KM from Krakow market square.
(Pros) It's a classy castle and not too pricey at all, Ariel is probably more expensive and the food is delicioussss (turkey neck :). And it's in a wonderfully restored castle, with beautiful surroundings and lots to see and do besides eating.

One more place that I like is Karczma Bida
(Cons) There is nothing else to see there that I know of and it's about 20KM from the market square, on the Zakopanska road (towards Zakopane).

(Pros) It's at least a hundred year old cottage style restaurant with a very Polish interior and traditional Polish food, without being over the top at a reasonable price.
14 May 2010 #11
If you had time for only one dinner in Krakow, where would you go?

This is a difficult one as there are many to choose from and I do not know your budget, so take your pick I have tried all of these places in the last two weeks and the food is good to very good.
This place serves excellent Thai food the chef from this place was formally in the Warsaw Marriot. I would say the Shanti has to one of the two best Thai restaurants in Poland and I have tried many of them

Babcia Maliny is very unique as one the ground level and upper floor it is almost like a polish milk bar serving inexpensive food. But downstairs you enter a very different world the prices are +30% and the decor and service is very traditional Polish. A must see place when you are in Krakow.
Hawelka is on the Rynek the food is Polish and traditional, they do a two course lunch before 4pm for about 20 to 25 Plz. Look out for the Matejko painting on the right hand wall as you enter.

Pod Wawlem Hotel - Plac na Groblach.

This place has the best view in Krakow Wawel to the left and Wisla in front. A great place to spend a hour or two on the rooftop and take in Krakow. The food is ok.
Amathyst 19 | 2,700
14 May 2010 #12
There are so many lovely places to eat in the Kazimierz district..I wish I could remember the place I eat at the first time I went there...Its an Italian and on a little square, very light interior...But there's also a nice Italian on Grodzska which I have to admit has fantastic service and wonderful food..
littlejagoda 1 | 26
6 Nov 2011 #13
Merged: Late Sunday Dinner in Krakow

I spend most of sunday buried in books, so by the time I realize I'm hungry it's about this time. I'm getting fed up of running to Chimera for lukewarm and very average food at the salad bar. Any recommendations?

Edit: Ofcourse, I'm talking about the old town. Kazimierz is too far for just dinner, unless the food is exceptional =P
CheFinny 5 | 45
6 Nov 2011 #14
u Babci Maliny is great..... if you are hungry.
pip 10 | 1,658
6 Nov 2011 #15
pod aniolek is really great- and the place is gorgeous.
littlejagoda 1 | 26
6 Nov 2011 #16
Thansk =). Pod Aniołami is outside my budget for a regular Sunday dinner. Until what time is UBM open on sundays?

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