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Poland in EU - before or now, which was better?

blackadder 1 | 114
5 Nov 2011 #1
What's a minimum wage in Poland,and what percent of people do you think have minimal wage?Can you say i.e. what's a wage of a woman working in supermarket?Here in Croatia about 300 Euros.

Since you are in European Union for some time,can you honestly say is your life quality better or worse than before?
Croatia will soon vote on referendum,and I've got no clue what to think.
There is a full scale proeuropean media crusade going on here,but I must admit I am little sceptical about it because historically every Union cost us dearly and was bad idea at best(Hungary,Austria-Hungary,Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenes,Germans,Yugoslavia),but how it can be worse than be stuck on Balkans...

I would appreciate some info :)
pawian 177 | 14,569
5 Nov 2011 #2
If I was malicious, I would say: don`t join the EU. In result, the funds for modernisation that Poland has and is going to receive from EU won`t be reduced by Croatian share. :):):):)
OP blackadder 1 | 114
5 Nov 2011 #3
It won't be reduced so much,Croatia has only 4 million citizens,let's say 10 % of Poland:)
strzyga 2 | 993
5 Nov 2011 #4
what's a wage of a woman working in supermarket?Here in Croatia about 300 Euros.

About the same, I think. Now, if you think that upon joining the EU the wages will skyrocket, forget it.

Everywhere I go I see historical buildings being renovated with the help of EU funding. For me, this alone is worth the union.
The farmers are quite happy too. And the infrastructure in most villages has improved largely (sidewalks, internet connections, sewage processing plants and so on - all done with the help of EU funding - the villages alone wouldn't have been able to afford it).

And I like being able to travel without a passport and waiting at the borders.
Lots of student and academics exchange programmes are going on (Erasmus etc.)
Life is simpler in many ways.

There are disadvantages too - for one, from what I know, ISO procedures can be a big headache.
But generally, the balance seems to be in the black.

One thing though - it pays off to keep your own money. The Eurozone is very unstable as of now.
Natasa 1 | 580
6 Nov 2011 #5
Blackadder answer to that question, at the end depends on what people think is important :)
Quality of life index is a problematic measure conceptualized as a combination of subjective and objective factors, so having in mind they are done by the west they include mostly those values (objective criteria appear irrelevant if subjective are also in the game)

If you are relying solely on economical criteria, answer would probably be that Poland is better off with EU.

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