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Want to go back to India for my sister's wedding. Karta pobytu and immigration help.

piku 1 | -
2 Nov 2011 #1
hello everybody
i am final year student of aerospace engineering in politechnika warsaw
i have applied my karta pobytu already meanwhile i booked a ticket for india as i have my sister wedding , , but it comes out that i have negative decision , so i have to appeal it again as they need my bank statement again , so its not a problem i can give them now , but only problem have is that i dont wannt to miss my sister wedding and this is on 28nov .

i have process stamp on my passport which they started recently (they dont give process visa anymore) , this stamp allows me to travel to my country on in direct flight (thats wired some of us dont have directly flight like india china afraica )

as der is no direct flight from wawa-india so i have wawa-istanbul-delhi 24nov return on 4th .(ticket money is non-refundable too)
so can i leave this country with my process on . (i can give the power of attlernoy to my lawyer )
plz tell me the best , i really wanna visit my sister wedding
i have my collage also but plz advice me the best shortest way , getting visa from india will take one month and stil now sure wil get it or not so studies can be totaly dead

plzzzzzzz helpp
roca 7 | 43
7 Nov 2011 #2
I know people who have been waiting around 5 months to get their karta pobytu which is valid for one year only. The polish bureaucracy is one of the worse in the European Union and it is impossible to try to ask some kind of help from the pathetic and useless bureaucrats. They got a very frustrated and miserable life during and after the communist regime and they want to transmit that to other people and make their lifes miserable.

In other EU countries where people DO want to emigrate, if you have all the papers in order it is a matter of days to get the visa/resident permit. This does not apply in Poland, you can have everything in order and still, the process for someone to get the karta pobytu will take months !
sobieski 107 | 2,128
7 Nov 2011 #3
i have applied my karta pobytu already

You were thinking about your free of charge entry to the EU?

Home / Law / Want to go back to India for my sister's wedding. Karta pobytu and immigration help.
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