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For Poles living and working in one of the countries not covered in the Poland Away section.

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Behaviour of Polish migrant workers in the Netherlands  2
Why do Lviv & Vilnius look nicer than Polish cities?
India - review this country (as a Pole)
× Marxist-lead BLM Revolutionaries' Assault on Polish Landmarks
× Polonia in Germany  2
Almost not allowed in Sweden without my Polish passport.
Similarities & differences between Poles & Swedes?
6 - Basic. Swedes don`t wear wings:...

PoloniaJakeRyan - 26 Mar 2020 pawian - 27 Mar 2020
What is the opinion of Argentina in particular, and Southern America, in Poland?
Poland vs Italy vs Spain for an expat?
Who in here yesterday said Lithuania is worse than Poland?
13 - Still not enough. The disparity in prices is larger than that....

PoloniaJedenDrugi - 10 May 2019 Miloslaw - 11 May 2019
Don't Poles know they don't get welfare when going Germany to look for work?
× What do you, as a Pole, think of Albania (as a land, history etc...) and Albanians (girls and guys)?
What do Poles think of how they are treated in Germany, in comparison to the Muslim migrants
Poland, Germany, France, Spain or Greece?
× Pregnant Polish woman stabbed in Germany, loses baby  2  3
Package sent to Serbia has been stuck at WER Warszawa for 3 weeks.
Norway - Polonia
Egypt Visa on Arrival for Polish Citizens
Vanguard Polonia - Game Changing Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Necessary things to bring while coming to Poland From India ..?
Reckless Polish Man starts wildfire in Montenegro  2
48 - As long as he doesn't light it......

Poloniadelphiandomine - 31 Aug 2017 jon357 - 1 Sep 2017
Where do you live, in Poland or abroad?
28 - That is why we can't even move to Florida. We just had two of them overnight. I would...

PoloniaWielkiPolak - 28 Aug 2017 Rich Mazur - 21 Jan 2019
The Polish Failures Club in Berlin
Half-Polish Terrorist attack on the Champs-Elysses  2
55 - It's probably easier and more lucrative to smuggle migrants through Calais...

Poloniadelphiandomine - 20 Jun 2017 spiritus - 5 Jul 2017
Who still speaks pidigin Polish after many years in the country?  2
Learning Polish in Amsterdam

PoloniaKnoblauch - 1 May 2017 The linguist - 28 Nov 2017
Learn Polish in Delhi
How Belarus counts the visa-free days?
Work in Denmark? Do you want it? A versatile builder who can speak English needed.  2
On a world trip - wanna meet people with Polish mixtures/roots
Poland Embassy at New Delhi fraud
Moving to Lviv, Ukraine - mother is Polish
Polonia outraged by EU interference  2  3  4  5  6  7
Should Poles help Germans organize protests demanding free media ?  2  3  4  5
Libanese born to a Polish mother - applied for Poland's Citizenship. How To Live There?
Let's talk about Sweden and other Scandinavian countries  2  3  4  5  6
Any Poles in Thailand?
Working with a Polish Passport or a British passport in Abu Dhabi?
× Volunteers from Poland in Novorossiya  2  3
90 - ...

PoloniaCrnogorac3 - 24 Sep 2014 Crnogorac3 - 18 Mar 2017
Poland is set to get Vilnius back via its fifth column in the city.
Sending gifts from somewhere in the EU to Poland - options as shipping is expensive!
Uncomfortable treatment of Poles in Lithuania?
Poles in Kazakhstan ignored by the "Polish" state.
Where can i buy bigos here in dubai?
German police aggresively manhandle Polish citizens?
Is there anyone living in Norway who can help with transporting a TV to Lodz?
6 - Yes i will try But could you tell me how I'm in poland , i think it is not...

PoloniaAymeb - 16 Dec 2013 Aymeb - 16 Dec 2013
Procedure for obtaining a student visa at the Polish embassy in New Delhi?
Family in Venezuela - how can I find one?
I'm going to study in Germany (speaking English / money transfers)
Any Poles who have lived and worked in Germany recently?
Are you Polish living in Denmark? ...Tell me your story
2 - You should write about what you know and not about what you don't know....

PoloniaKari_L - 17 Jul 2013 Meathead - 18 Jul 2013
Looking for Polish Teacher in Abu Dhabi
Egyptian man Want go to Poland
what did he call him? german slur against poles?
Polish people in Greece
Polish communities in Latin America?
Aid for Polish Passport holder in Germany who has recently emmigrated from South Africa
Marrying a Polish citizen in India.
Polish people working in Germany after studying in Poland, what salary do you get?

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