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UK, Ireland

The UK, Ireland, and Scotland have become a new home for many Poles. Track local news, life, and events!

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Do people still get married for passports, visas etc to stay in the UK?
How to change my name in the UK as a Polish citizen
3 - Would I need to go to Poland or can I use mail or email?...

UK, IrelandMahNameisbad1233 - 26 Oct 2019 MahNameisbad1233 - 26 Oct 2019
UK car in Poland
Polish People are Welcome in Scotland
8 - I am all for friendship. My friends go home when we are done. They never stay and never are...

UK, IrelandSzkocji - 28 Aug 2019 Rich Mazur - 28 Aug 2019
Do any Polish women who live in Scotland ever date Scottish men?
3 - Yeah Miloslaw, thanks, I think that you're right....

UK, Irelandbozidar - 9 Aug 2019 bozidar - 9 Aug 2019
× Polish traffickers in the UK jailed for enslaving hundreds of their own people  2
How to gain probate in Poland from UK England
3 - Thanks Dominic...

UK, Irelandjimmyping - 16 Apr 2019 jimmyping - 17 Apr 2019
SMART MOVE! Thousands of Poles are leaving the UK because 'life is a piece of s*** here now'.
26 - You generalize now. For some yes for some no. I would say as for today it is getting...

UK, IrelandShitonya Brits - 28 Feb 2019 10iwonka10 - 7 Mar 2019
Tax return question (UK)
Polish Pilot killed in Leicester Football Club Helicopter Crash
6 - Nobody went there to bi**c about Putin. They gladly did it here....

UK, IrelandAtch - 29 Oct 2018 Rich Mazur - 29 Oct 2018
Are the Polish in the UK actually rude or bitter?
Electrical equipment from UK to Poland question
Double Taxation coming back between Poland & UK? - April 2019
4 - Yes when you set up a Polish bank account you have to say where you pay tax - it...

UK, Irelandhypa3000 - 5 Oct 2018 cms neuf - 19 Oct 2018
Overweight gay Polish gender fluid crossdresser in Big Brother house
Options for Polish citizen with severe physical + mental health problems in the UK
Observations about Polish people / women in the UK
Commuting from Kraków to London?
Alcoholics Anonymous for Poles living in Ireland
27 - I know for a fact they do. These girls come to a meeting after hitting bottom and spill...

UK, Irelandjfcassidy95 - 28 Jul 2018 johnny reb - 1 Aug 2018
Do British partners of Polish people in the UK speak their (Polish) language?
Letter from Polish Prosecutor??!!  2
34 - Once I was sent a letter from a Polish court demanding me to show up at a hearing at...

UK, IrelandTony71 - 14 May 2018 Paulina - 19 May 2018
Mixed feelings after moving from Poland to England  2
36 -

UK, Irelandgrufferator - 17 Apr 2018 Rumchajs - 3 Mar 2019
Buying a car in Poland from UK
16 - You will need to sign up as a member to do this....

UK, IrelandBillym346 - 4 Apr 2018 Chemikiem - 5 Apr 2018
Criminal elements within the Polish community in the UK
Delivering homemade wine (75cl bottle) from UK to Poland - best option?
Culture and civilization, how many of Poles had really forgotten who we really are..!
I'm so confused where to settle down - UK or Poland? Advice please.
× No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22
660 - Kasha is a drama queen. Anyway Crow, why are you so anti - Brit? are you jealous because...

UK, IrelandBieganski - 19 Dec 2017 rozumiemnic - 20 Apr 2019
Receiving money in the UK from Poland in foreign currency via bank transfer
Polish passport - UK citizen
Polish staff leaving UK automotive industry like Rolls Royce
Applying for Poland's citizenship using a specialised service or trying on my own?
Polish career criminal gets six years for rape  2
Working in UK (continuous residency in Poland disrupted) and taxed in Poland
British court lets violent Polish racists walk free  2  3
Polish man jailed for using dog to attack Muslims leaving mosque  2
45 - Dd, do you feel like you are treated as a sub-human? I certainly don't. Quite the opposite. As a...

UK, Irelanddelphiandomine - 14 Sep 2017 Roger5 - 16 Sep 2017
Racist who hurled abuse at Eastern Europeans shouting 'This is England'
Muslim man abuses and threatens Polish woman in the UK  2
Polish lorry driver arrested for smuggling 9 million cigarettes  2
58 - If you've got the dosh anything is possible. Ask for the 'special stuff'....

UK, Irelandjon357 - 27 Aug 2017 jon357 - 30 Aug 2017
31 year old Polish man causes accident under influence of alcohol and kills 8  2  3  4  5  6  7
My package from Poland to the UK will not pick up anything! PLEASE HELP!
Yerba Mate in the UK
2 - Do you mean you want to market your product to Polish customers in the UK?...

UK, IrelandNativeLeaf - 14 Jul 2017 Atch - 14 Jul 2017
Help with passport issue for my daughter
Mobile phone - where to buy it in the UK?
× Polish migrants fight to sleep in toilets overnight in London
Racist ex-priest Międlar tries to fly from Poland to U.K. again.  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Moving stuffs from London to Warsaw or Gdansk
Polish gang defrauded British taxman of 17 million pounds - GUILTY
Polish trucker jailed for tachograph fraud
Armed and Dangerous Polish man on the run in the UK
Polish smugglers caught and jailed
10 - Not many as ...

UK, Irelanddelphiandomine - 29 May 2017 Ziemowit - 1 Jun 2017
Polish slave trader in the UK has sentence increased  2
Polish drink-driving murderer sentenced to 5.5 years in prison
17 - Maybe Polands stance is driven by the fact that it has SIX times the number of drink drivers...

UK, Irelanddelphiandomine - 26 May 2017 Peeweeher - 28 May 2017
After information about accessing mental health services in Leicester.
What can I say/do about my Polish neighbours in the UK?  2
41 - @Polumski Go and do it lol. Have a nice time in a hospital wuss lol...

UK, Irelandryouga - 11 Apr 2017 NoToForeigners - 16 Jul 2017
Any Polish get together in Wolverhampton/Wednesbury area in UK
HELP NEEDED for Cambridge University research into Brexit and British expats living in Poland
× Polish fascist 'priest' detained at U.K. airport  2
Married in Ireland.. can divorce be done in Poland??
6 - Merged: UK married how to Divorce in Poland Hi,to All I am new here if some one...

UK, IrelandSmith_221 - 27 Jan 2017 tojoo - 22 Jul 2017
Has racism towards Polish migrants increased in the UK since Brexit?
Sold UK home and moved to Poland. Any due tax?

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