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Driving to Poland from the UK - Camping Options on Route

9 Jun 2020 #1
Hi We are thinking of driving to Poland to visit family since we don't fancy flying at the moment. We were thinking of doing 4-5 hours drive a day and camping on route. We are aiming for just outside Poznan. Any suggestions of places to camp across Belgium, Holland and Germany close to the major route network on route? should have mentioned that we are travelling from the Uk by either tunnel or ferry. Thanks
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12 Jun 2020 #2
I have never stopped on route overnight on a trip from Calais or Rotterdam to Poland, so cannot help. However I do have a small camper van and use Park4Night app. Its a free Android or Apple app and you can look at an area for free or paid overnight stops. Most places will have a review to help you, its what I do when getting lost in Poland, but its Europe wide.
27 Aug 2020 #3
Just take ryanair is cheap. driving 4 hour day so u driving for maybe 1 week. is pain in dupa

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